J.Scott Tip: False Tweets

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Now I know that rappers have been lying in their rhymes for a long time. (Not all of them, of course.) But what’s all this with rappers lying in their tweets to get you to listen to them lying in their rhymes? One of the things the RapRise staff is really good for is keeping a hawk’s eye on people’s Twitter timelines. I am seeing far too many people with tweets like “New Drake song from Take Care” or “Amber Rose sextape” followed by a link to a YouTube posting of their own music. …Really? Is that what your promotion has come to? Must you blatantly lie to whatever fans you have left just to get them to boost your YouTube numbers? How about this… How about you try making music that brings the people back to want to hear it again. Add some longevity to your artistry.

We’ll save the lying in your lyrics lecture for another time.

- J.Scott

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