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We see a countless amount of videos here at RapRise. Some are great; some are not so great. Some are extremely creative; others aren’t. But of all the things that could go wrong in a video, the one that bugs me the most is watching an artist stumble over their own words.

Here’s the thing… It happens. Sometimes when you’re filming your video, you may mess up your words a little. Especially if you just recently wrote/recorded them. BUT… Don’t use that take! There’s no better way to take the viewer out of the vibe of your video than to have them watch you not knowing your own words. Keeps filming until you get it right. Or even better, don’t film until you know your lyrics. But either way, don’t make your fans watch you try and fail to recite your own verses.

Remember, rapping your own words is supposed to be what you do. Get on your job.

- J.Scott

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