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Constructive criticism is useful advise that is intended to help or improve one’s skills in a positive way. Here at RapRise, that’s all we’re trying to do. If you’re an artist, and in your post on this site, you see a J.Scott Tip, a Food For Thought, or a brutally honest comment from LG, we’re giving you pointers to be better for the next song or project that you send us. It’s only because we care. We get tons of music thrown our way on a daily basis, and to be honest, we don’t HAVE to listen to a full song to write a description about it. But we do because we care.

Recently, I’ve seen a few cats get upset at us, as if we’re putting them down, or misrepresenting their music. But we’re not putting you down. If you can’t see that we’re helping you, then you’re not ready to release your music to the public. We’re not misrepresenting you, because we represent artists Rising, and we want to make sure that every artist Rises the right way. If you don’t have anyone to tell you what to do to help you Rise, you’ll continue to make the mistakes you make that keep you down, and you’ll never reach your full potential.

Also, if and when you officially Rise, other blog sites aren’t gonna hold any punches. They don’t care about feelings in the entertainment world. So, to be frank, suck it up or stop rapping.

Stay up

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