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The era of the “crew” has returned; and I love it. It’s great to see collectives of artists coming together to rise the ranks in unison.
But there is a trend amongst crews that should be rethought. Why do half of your crews songs do nothing but rep your crew? Example: Your crew’s name is, let’s say, The Bomber Boys. (That’s bad, I know.) And most of your songs are titled things like “Bombers Gonna Bomb,” “Stay Bombin,” and of course, “The Bomber Boys”. While it’s very cool that you feel an immense amount of pride for your crew… what about your fans? Unless everyone who listens to your music is inducted into the Bomber Boys academy, why would they want to listen to 12 theme songs for YOU?

Give your listeners something to relate to, something to feel, something to compare themselves to. Otherwise, all you’re doing is creating music for the moment. You will never have a sustaining impact in your listener’s minds. Because, unless I’m feeling like a “Bomber” today, odds are, I’m not singing along with (or even listening to) your song.

So, utilize your artistic duty to connect to your listeners. And keep your 12 theme songs for your own private ‘get hype before the club’ collection.

P.S. - Apologies if there really is a crew out there called “The Bomber Boys”. Stay bombin.

- J.Scott

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