LG’s W.T.F. – “Nursery Rhymes”

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Wall. Crawl. Tall. Fall. Mall. Install.

You see how frickin easy it is to find words that rhyme? Like seriously, it’s EAASSSYYY. Why in the hell is there an increase of rappers that all of a sudden, don’t rhyme for 2-6 bars!? What are you doing? Did you not listen to yorself on the recording and hear the random 7 sentences that didn’t rhyme spew out your piehole?

Aren’t you supposed to be a RAPPER? Isn’t rhyming important? I mean if you don’t rhyme, what are you, a spoken word poet right? Even they rhyme though, so hmmmmm….public speaker! Got it. Hey get your college-appearance ass off the track and let someone with half a brain use it! I don’t wanna hear you mumble some nonsense that doesn’t even rhyme. If you don’t rhyme effectively, most likely, lyrically, you suck as well. So that theoretically means that Dr. Suess is a better rapper than you.



Mmmm…ok. Tell you what, you go pick up The Lorax on bootleg, and call me when you figure out how to string together a 16 that rhymes all the way through. Ya flippin idiots.


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