NEW ALBUM: Pries ‘No Glue 2′

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Look at him! Pries does something special and makes his latest album free for all. This guy’s got mad style. You can’t deny the sounds he brings.
Tracklist and download link after the jump.

1. Union Station
2. Stars Interlude
3. The Stars
4. Contact High
5. Look at Me (My Cocky Song)
6. Waste No Time (Feat. Kid Ink)
7. Little White Lie
8. Row 11
9. I Won’t Grow Up
10. This Aint What You Want
11. Hometown
12. Never Made It (Feat. Ashleigh Munn)
13. I Always Knew (Feat. Love)
14. Ms. Popular
15. Catch 22
16. Venetian Lobby ft. J. Carey
17. Last Stop
18. Wake Up Drunk


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