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Last week, we announced that we will hold an annual list called ‘The Rising Class’ that will be released one week after XXL’s ‘Freshman Class’. Submissions and votes for the list came in an extraordinary abundance. Every single vote was viewed and considered. But votes weren’t the only criteria for making the list.

What we looked for:
Artists with strong or steadily growing fan bases.
Artists that know how to market themselves and also have marketability.
Creativity and content were also accounted for.
Artists who have had a strong presence on RapRise.
And finally, star power. Those artists that we at rR believe could/should be signed to major labels.

And’s 2012 Rising Class is…

Lil Crazed

There is no denying the reception of Lil Crazed. He is the artist behind our RapRise 2011 Power Mixtape. ‘Chapter 3: Liberation’ was one of the hottest mixtapes of last year. Crazed’s fan presence is so strong that our staff can’t come to terms on why he has not been signed to a major yet. As long as he continues to work the way he is, and his fan base continues to grow, he not only should be a future RapRise Hall Of Fame member, but a future Freshman Class member as well.


The fact that Moss is so humble comes as a surprise. With an amazing album, and his city treating him like an ambassador of sorts, Moss has every reason to feel like he’s on top. His fan base is strong, even outside of his domain, and it gives him the push he needs to not just be a “local” star. His crossover appeal is almost unmatched, and it is one of the main reasons he makes our list. He can hit almost any market/demographic, making his grasp of the industry that much wider.


RapRise’s 2011 Most Consistent player was none other than G-3. While he may not have the discography level of some of the other members of the Rising Class, he does have more potential than most. One of the few on our list who produces most of his own music, G-3 is cut right from the D-Town cloth, as his music is on par with some of the current greats from his town. If this kid isn’t at least being scouted by Maybach Music before the end of the year, we’ll all be surprised.


This always happy, heart warming, tall lanky kid with a lisp, has been making a strong and impressive impact on the internet. With an extremely loyal fan base that just cannot stop listening to his ‘Super Duper’ mixtape, and the carefree persona of someone who can lift the spirits of not only his current listeners, but new comers and even haters,  there’s no way K.i.D. won’t be making his way to the RapRise Hall Of Fame soon.


It should be no surprise that our 2011 Power Player made this list. JDrew has done incredible things in the past two years. Not only does he have one of the strongest fan bases of any unsigned artist, but all of his mixtapes have had over 100k downloads. The anticipation for his music is at an all-time high. And if anyone has the potential to truly impact the market on a major level, it’s this guy.


One of the most relatively unknown of our list of relative unknowns is Slick-T. But we could not deny the growing presence and awareness of Slick. He is one of the most consistent YouTube cypher contributors out right now. He almost always places top 5 in contests he enters. But what really helped Slick-T make his way to this list was his outpour of fans that nominated and voted for him. While he was on our radar, we weren’t sure if he had enough fan presence to make our final ten. He can personally thank his fans for giving him the boost he needed. As long as he continues to bring solid verses, and pending the reception of his upcoming “Cover Art” project, Slick-T can definitely turn a lot more heads in his direction in the upcoming year.

Street Light

This guy’s place on this list could possibly come as a shock to the artist himself, but there is no denying the artistry, and the determination that is Street Light. Known mostly for his insane lyricism, Mr. ‘Light Work’ knows his fans well. He often comes up with unique and impressive methods to reach out and sustain a good relationship with his growing support system. So, all of the Street Light nominations for The Rising Class, from fans all over, came as no shock to the RapRise staff. If Light continues on his path and stays relevant, he’ll become a major force to be reckoned with.

Nikko Dator

A way too cool, larger than life emcee like Nikko Dator could not be overlooked by the RapRise staff. After releasing (and impressing us with) a good grip of covers, and then finally dropping his ‘Pre-Vision: 2′ mixtape, there is no doubt that Nikko delivers. Whether it be a dope verse, a music video with a great concept, or a overall impressive project, Mr. Lo Vis has proven to his fans and peers that he deserves a sure spot in the next Freshman Class.

Crown Holders

No one can deny the presence of the Crown Holders on our site. While their fan base may not be as large as some of the acts they share this list with, there is no question that if they continue releasing music it will get there one day. They have been dominating our Top Posts lists with their recent releases, namely their cypher videos. Anticipation has been steadily growing since the release of their second studio project, the ‘Superhero Dreams‘ EP. A project that has led them to numerous performances, including performing at the gifting suites at the 2011 AMAs. There is definitely not a person on our staff that would not agree that no matter how many people know about the Crown Holders, the ones that do, believe that these guys are not to be looked over.


The most loved artists on the Rise, J.Reyez is one of the most influential unsigned artists to date. The fact that he’s been making such an impressive stamp in the game with just one project is amazing. The real and relatable ‘Broken HeART’ mixtape struck chords everywhere, and caused Reyez’s fan base to grow into an even larger and more loyal support system. Whether he’s raising awareness on bullying, trying to make you laugh, or releasing a new single, J.Reyez gets heard. It’s only a matter of time before he reaches the RapRise Hall Of Fame. It was all we could do, to put him in our Rising Class, before the Freshman Class gets a hold of him.

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    The RapRise 2012 Rising Class Is…

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