MIXTAPE REVIEW: Jacole’ “Everything In My Bookbag”

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Jacole’ is the kind of rapper you would be happy to stumble upon. His laid back feel is perfect for days when you just want to listen to music, and his most recent project gives you a little bit of everything, so everyone should be satisfied with something.

Jacole’s flow is nothing special. But what he does well, is making you feel a story. However, I really wouldn’t label him a storyteller. He’s much like a Ludacris. Good at it, but that’s just not his style. His usual style is more of a Cool Kids, Kidz In The Hall spit. Which of course isn’t a bad thing. This pairing makes him an interesting hybrid.

His intro, “Breathe” is great. Somber, but effective, it puts you in a certain kind of mood that doesn’t really carry on through the rest of the project. But that’s okay. It comes off as a track where he’s just getting some stuff off his chest. “FTID” (Fresh Till I Die), is the perfect follow up. It’s a lighthearted brag track that features another great unsigned rapper, Jus Nice. The song is prime for a music video. I really wanna see it.

“Miscommunication” is a beautiful song as well. Jacole’s concepts are great. It seems like a lost art really. Most people hate to stray away from what’s on the radio, concept-wise. I’m glad he’s okay with stepping out the box a bit. This track flexes his lyrical capabilities. “Heart Riding” is one of my favorite songs off the mixtape. It has a J.Cole feel to it, all while maintaining the integrity of Jacole’ himself. The story is told very well here, as it is not hard to visualize what’s going on. This topic is rarely talked about. Kudos to him for tackling the subject.

“Journal Entries” is another well=executed concept of his. There really is nothing wrong with this track either. The production compliments everything very well. The “Miami Remix” is a nice departure from the sound that we are used to here on RapRISE. It’s a Bruno-Mars, Jill Scott-ish rap infusion that works VERY well. I wish more rappers took chances like this.

“Slizzered” is a bit of a dip in the project for me. He starts to sound like “everyone else” here. Not a fan. “Standing In The Light” picks everything right back up. Inspirational, and somewhat ethereal, the track is a welcome sound after Slizzered. “Still Searching” is skippable, but still a great track. Just doesn’t have the same panache as the other songs. “Take You Down” would ironically be his radio single if the were a studio release. I’m not upset, just disappointed that his better songs will get looked over for this. It’s a good song for the ladies though.

“Words” is beautiful.  A great closer to a great mixtape. The acoustic guitar is the perfect companion to Jacole’s honest lyrics here. The bonus track, “Saturday Night” is fantastic. Probably my favorite on the mixtape. It’s vibe is just too real man. That kind of track that becomes a classic over time. This whole mixtape has extreme potential written all over it. It’s simply just great. Production, lyrics, energy, etc, are all present. I remember what I used to have in my bookbag. It didn’t sound nearly as good as this.

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