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Nate Hardy isn’t your average rapper. He’s slightly more lyrical. Slightly more passionate. It may not be enough to claim the title “Stand Out”, but it’s damn close. His lyrics are getting better and better, and you can tell that rapping is a CRAFT he works at. It sets him apart, but the spotlight hasn’t quite been on him yet. This mixtape hopes to change that. But does it?

The intro, “Lord Knows” is peeerrrrfect. The opening line – “In 2012 imma be a fuckin asshole!” is one of those bars that sticks with you. The track is perfect for an intro. The sweeping, swelling production is a great companion to the passion that Hardy puts behind his rhymes. There are some really great metaphors in this song, and I urge everyone to listen to it multiple times to catch everything.

“In Jail” is good fun. Not particularly my favorite, or the kind of track I like Hardy on, but you can’t deny the fact that it will get people hype, and that’s exactly it’s intention. “Blue Sky” is more along the lines of what we are used to seeing from Hardy. The production allows Hardy to switch his cadence up a bit, and the result is fantastic. His rhymes are at they’re peak here. The energy on this track is exactly where it needs to be. He hops on a Watch The Throne beat with “Preach” and absolutely holds his own, unlike most people that attempt that incredible feat.

Even on a track that I don’t like, Hardy manages to craft his lyrics and energy into a package that I can (at the very least) tolerate. “Mind Yo Business” is not what I listen to, but Hardy makes it enjoyable. His unique ad-libs are present throughout, and I have fun trying to replicate them. Even his interlude’s are great! The “Joe Green” track is short and sweet, but it’s rawness makes it a memorable track on the mixtape.

“Kiss These” is quite the change of tone, but Hardy doesn’t let it change the pace. It automatically makes me like the song sometimes when an artist knows how to approach a song. Hardy almost successfully replicates Eminem’s flow on this track, which as I’m sure everyone knows, isn’t a negative thing. “God Damn” may be my least favorite song on the mixtape, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fresh. “Dime Piece” is a message to the “hoes” of the world, according to Hardy. It’s fun, but again, not my kind of song.

Hardy hops on a classic Jay-Z beat for “Dead Presidents”. Again, he holds his own, and more than makes you forget that he is on a track that is considered one of the best rap songs ever made. The last track, “Runaway” is amazing. Hardy really lets loose. Even though it leaves you with a different emotion than the one you started the mixtape with – it’s appropriate. It’s not quite a downer. In fact if you listen closely, it’s more inspiring than anything.

Hardy has a great mixtape under his belt. It really was easy to listen to because of how fun, and still intelligent he can make a song. The collection of tracks are kind of all over the place, but he makes it work. My only gripe is that all the tracks that sounded like each other, were pretty much grouped together. If it is at all possible, you should try to space out the sounds, so that people can feel there is some sort of variety to your song selection. Other than that, this is a great project, and I can’t wait for more.

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