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This EP has been on a lot of peoples radars for a while. The anticipation rose higher & higher as delays plagued the release. Finally we can all breathe. E.Q.‘s EP is finally here. It delivers on fronts that you wouldn’t expect. Mostly because E.Q. isn’t your conventional artist. It’s only a few songs, but those few songs are good, and you would be hard pressed not to find something you don’t like in it’s 7 tracks.

E.Q. has the perfect rapper tone. Yeah, I just said that. I’ve heard different things from people in reference to his voice, singing & rapping, but I can’t be swayed on my opinion. His tone is something you can’t ignore. It’s commanding, and has a twang that makes you think an effect is on it, but there is none. It doesn’t make the songs necessarily easier to listen to, just something you want to listen to.

The EP opens with the fantastic “Number One”. Producer J. French gets a lot of credit here. This song is reminiscent of the old days, when we had real R&B, not this pop-house crap that they try to force feed us. It’s not a rap song in the slightest, but it’s on a rappers EP, so it deserves to be talked about. Great song.

“Cali Life” is gold, and not because it talks about the Golden State. It’s a radio ready anthem, that I’m sure if heard by any radio DJ, would get serious play. He hits certain California nuances that you don’t normally hear about. He proves that Cali is more than models and gangs. There is an in-between world that deserves it’s shine. His singing is paired perfectly with his rhymes here. I couldn’t imagine any other singer on this song but him.

“Musical Wonderland” is a dreamy song. In more ways than one. Not only does the production effectively put you in a trance, but the lyrics of the song talk about…well….a musical wonderland. Again, it’s not a rap song, but worthy of some talk here on our site. “Head Go Dumb” is next up, and boy is this one for the clubs. Great beat that KNOCKS, and lyrics are ill as well. The sound is not exactly what hot right now, but I can see it catching on.

“Friends With Benefits” is a taboo song to say the least. It has a haunting vibe, but definitely has a cool groove to it. The subject matter makes for a great song. Production is a perfect pairing again, as the beat is definitely nothing like what we have heard on the radio. I would only argue thae fact that we aren’t sure if this sound is ready for a comeback. A more ignorant music listener would say this sound is outdated. I on the other hand, would welcome it back.

“Champagne” is a smooth track. E.Q. focuses on vocals while Bishop Lamont & Veteran Eye lay down the bars. Great stuff. “Gone For Now” is great, but I don’t know why the last song on E.Q.’s EP would be one in which he only does a hook. It should have been a bonus track. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favorites, but it’s just not put in the right place here.

The EP is great, it just suffers from odd problems. One being: the music is old. Not everything, but when you look at when some of these songs were released, even the ones on our site like “Cali Life“, it’s been a minute. Delays are no fun, but I think E.Q. should have just regrouped and given us some brand new music. The other problem is that there is quite a bit of singing here. While E.Q. is definitely listed as a crossover artist, I feel as if the balance between his singing and rapping were a little lopsided. I want to hear him spit a little more. Other than that, the project is solid. I love his sound, and I’ve been an E.Q. fan since before he was even releasing his music. He continues to grow, and I can’t wait for his full-length album.

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