EP REVIEW: Palmer Squares “Spooky Language”

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Yup. This is what I wanted to hear today. I’m so happy right now. Palmer Squares usually delivers, so it’s not like I was expecting anything less than awesome, but it’s still a great feeling when you’re more than satisfied after listening to an EP. Most MC’s can’t hold a candle to these guys lyrically, and they have only been getting better and better. This EP ccomes to us, and gives us hope for a Palmer Squares album VERY soon.

Palmer Squares have lyrics in a big Bruce Wayne type generator. I’m convinced of it. This generator costs a gazillion dollars, and it makes crazy metaphors at will when you type in a subject matter. That’s the excuse I’m using to explain why Accumental & Terminal Knowledge are so ridiculously sick.

“The Proper Tip” is a foul, nasty-ass demonstration of lyrical mastery. The production is slightly haunting, giving a great addition to the themeing of the project. You have to listen to this at least twice to start of the album. “Everyday” is dope, and really gets the visuals rolling. PS might not be your everyday (pun intended) storyteller rappers, but here it really shines through. Being from Chicago, I may be cheating a bit when I say they really let you visualize the streets of the Chi.

I wish the radio was ready for “Spooky Language”. It’s perfect. It has a great feel to it – one that allows you to bob your head, but also one that bikini-clad girls wont mind dancing to this summer. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t sacrifice lyrics for the fun. “To The Letter” is a switch of pace, but it isn’t any less amazing. Bouncy, and slightly creepy, but all fantastic. The flow here is better than most things I’ve heard this year.

“Stony-Broke” is charming. It’s lyrics about the hardships of having money, and not having it, are some of the best I’ve heard on the subject matter. The thing they accomplish here is accessibility. Because of the crazy skills they possess, that is sometimes their only problem. “BullShit” is another solid offering. Even though it’s more of the same (bragging about how dope they are), it’s good because they do that SO WELL. You will never hear two bars even remotely the same from them.

The last track “Bring The Bacon” is a boom-bapish”, triumphant closer. I love the back and forth between Ac & Term here. The great thing about them is that they are different, and each flavor is necessary for the whole Palmer Squares experience. That factor is definitely apparent here.

The EP isn’t necessarily a masterpiece but man oh man is it good. If you don’t marvel at it’s lyrics, it’s energy will win you over by the second song. The Palmer Squares are an infectious type. They will make you like them with each listen. So you might as well get used to them.

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