MIXTAPE REVIEW: Chid Mike & JDrew “It’s Been Real”

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It’s no secret that anything JDrew drops is big. This time however, he takes a sidestep of sorts to pursue a duo-mixtape with longtime partner, Chid Mike. Chid has a very distinct sound that definitely made an impact on JDrew’s. It’s a good pairing, and very often it seems natural. The mixtape is short & sweet, but gives you a taste of what a full-length effort from them could be.

Chid Mike is a capable singer, but his real sneak attack is his rapping. He isn’t bad. Not bad at all.  ”We’ll Be Alright” would have been a fantastic opener, had it not been for the fact that JDrew was a tad off-beat in the first few bars. All in all though it’s the kind of song we have grown accustomed to when it comes to these two. “What It Feels Like” slows things down a bit. Chid Mike does a great job vocally. He compliments JDrew’s tone, and makes the song seem more upbeat than it actually is.

“Speed Of Life” arrives at the right time. It is the first completely polished song on the project. The features, the production, the chorus, JDrew’s rhymes – all work in perfect harmony. “Show Me” is a little bit of a downer when it arrives after the stellar “Speed Of Life”. It abruptly changes the tone, but luckily JDrew spits some passionate bars on this one, and just like that – he’s the track’s saving grace.

“Harbor” comes in with it’s glorious piano riffs and stills the show. John Anthony does an amazing job bringing the beat in. He almost spits in a spoken word style for the rest of the song. When JDrew takes the song over mid-way through, the energy doesn’t change, and that’s great. “It’s Been Real” confuses me a little bit. The mixtape has a distinctive sound. And then “It’s Been Real” changes that sound. I get that the song is the “anchor” of sorts, but, I was definitely holding my head sideways. Other than that, it’s my favorite song on the project.

The duo might want to lock down a topic they can tackle next time, something a little lighter, or more fun. These two would be prime for a cool summertime mixtape. The consistency of  JDrew helps Chid Mike break out of the shadows and he fills his spotlight up quite nicely. The project is uninspiring if anything. In fact, I found it way too easy not to listen to lyrics. Does that make it the quintessential vibe album? Possibly. Did I want it to be? Not really. However, after regrouping, and listening to everything more in depth, the project is a solid one. From these two, I would expect nothing else.

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