‘Take The Throne’ Contest (Cash Prize)

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RapRise is partnering up with Groove International to bring a hip hop contest to Long Beach. On July 28th at The Rhythm Lounge, Groove will be hosting a daytime event featuring the best in unsigned rock and hip hop. The hip hop is where we, (and you), come in.
Did we mention that the contest will be judged by the RapRise staff?

One song, one shot… $400 cash prize. Think you have what it takes? Sign up now!

To signup, click here for details and rules.
Tell them that RapRise sent you!

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    ‘Take The Throne’ Contest (Cash Prize) http://t.co/nO6Aw5V8

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    Signup to win $400 cash in the ‘Take The Throne’ hip hop battle! =>> http://t.co/m2e7uchK

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    Shout out to @SoundTheGroove for teaming up with RapRise for the ‘Take The Throne’ battle coming up! =>> http://t.co/m2e7uchK

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    Want to get paid to rap a song? Come on out! =>> http://t.co/m2e7uchK

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