ALBUM REVIEW: TreaZon “Zero Love”

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TreaZon has a cool name. That doesn’t have much to do with this review but it definitely should be noted. He’s a rapper that cruises. He won’t win any competitions, but he will stick in your brain for the right reasons. The problem is not in his ability, which is “good enough, to be good enough” as my grandfather used to say. His “fly just under the radar” sound is in now, so people will like him. But happens when music starts to sound like something else? Will he be able to stand the test of time?

Instantly, TreaZon puts his all in a song so that the listener can really get a sense of who he is as a rapper. It pays off, because if this hadn’t have happened, I probably would have been a little bored. But passion and imagery goes a long way. TreaZon gives some pretty dope lyrics to the listener right off the bat, so that you get a since of who he is. Rappers who do this instead of going for the party song, or the song that could be on the radio, earn my respect before they earn my ear.

“Phobias” is that opener that grabs you because of it’s content. Laced with honesty, but dipped in defiance, it’s a warm look at TreaZon. It will never be his best song, but it has the potential to be someone’s favorite. “Zero” is almost like a sequel to the previous song. It’s deeper, and even more raw than the track before it.

“Careful” is somewhat depressing, choosing to highlight the negatives in TreaZon’s life. It’s good, just heavy. However, the brilliantly placed “Process of Elimination” brings the mood up a bit. This song makes you stick your chest out a bit. The chorus is something that can easily get stuck in your head. Even more note-worthy, is the somewhat commercial sound that this song has. This is not to say it could be on the radio today, but it’s saying that it either could have been, or could be.

“Through The Flame” could be considered his love song, and though lyrically good, it’s forgettable. “Shades of Time” starts like an old 90′s R&B joint. I’m not sure how to take that. At the middle point, Shades provides some relief for multiple reasons. It’s not as lyrically heavy as the songs before it, so you are able to enjoy and just vibe to the song a bit more. It’s sound is also a welcome attribute. It has that hippie-ish, Drake-ish feel to it that girls will love, and guys who don’t mind that kind of music will tolerate. Not to say it’s a bad song. While definitely not my cup of tea, I can see why someone would think that was the best on the album.

“Transformations” is pretty good. Probably my personal favorite. It is the closest to sounding like a complete, radio-ready song.  ”1000 Ways To Fly” is really good as well. Very inspirational. The lyrics are quotable here. It’s a proper closer to the album. “Black Solara Music” is the first of two bonus tracks. Honestly I would have like to see this not as a bonus. It’s just not necessary. “Everytime You Go” is almost the same case. Too good to be a bonus track. Everytime You Go has a really long intro, but it’s a great song. Like I said, the choice to make these bonus tracks are not smart.

TreaZon made a very solid album. The lyrics, the vibe, everything works. But the only problem I saw was that he didn’t have his audience in mind. This album was personal, and a little selfish. Sometimes, this can be a good thing. Here I’m not so sure. Luckily, he is a talented individual, because had he not been…….this could have ended very badly.

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    ALBUM REVIEW: TreaZon “Zero Love”

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