MIXTAPE REVIEW: illz4real “Pay Per View 2: Stress Before Success”

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iilz4real brings us the sequel to ”Pay Per View”, and I must say, it’s a fairly solid mixtape. Off first listen, it didn’t do much for me, but if you give it a chance, the music reaches you. It’s a hood listen for sure, and it’s songs tailors to the hustlers of the world. The tone of “gotta make it” looms over most of the tracks, and illz does a great job at figuring out how to not only compliment his production, but his tone.

 PPV2 starts off normal enough, with the braggy intro track “Ready For Whatever”. Some lyrics contradict the feel of the mixtape however, and that is the reason I have for not liking the song. For instance at one point illz says “This is cinematic…AMC Regal.”. This project doesn’t have a cinematic fiber in it’s being. Don’t misrepresent your music. Call it what it is. It’s definitely not a bad song or opener, just has some smoke and mirrors to it that’s all. “Turn My Speakers Up” is dope. I love the production, and illz laces the track perfectly. It’s a track that induces middle fingers to the sky easily.

A couple of fillers pass before you get to “I’m The Shit”. It’s a great bounce track to vibe to. Something you would blast in the morning to shower and get ready to. The thing I love about illz is that he doesn’t have an “unsigned sound” to his songs. It sounds very professional, and poloshed. The next song is possibly my favorite on the mixtape, and not because I’m from Chicago. “Jordan Shrug” is a great concept, and all around a great song. Everything is put together in a great pacakage here – lyrics, production, energy, etc. It just works. He sticks to the topic and delivers, simple as that.

“Mask Of A Stripper” is good fun. Reminds me of something Big Sean would drop. “Imma Fool Wit It” is also good. “Fly Away” comes as a bit of a surprise, as it is honest, open, and deep. illz raps -”I pray for those in prison, but there’s nothing much you missin. And it may seem like hell, but we out here in this kitchen.” Wow. Some real lyrics from the MC. Gotta respect a guy that can switch gears like that. The inspiration continues with “I Am Nobody”. This song, even though slightly depressing, is more heartfelt than most songs I’ve heard this year. He gets into some rhyme trouble here, but you can ultimately look over it because the song has a lot of meaning to it.

“Welcome To Me” was good, but got a bit boring. Sounded too common. Nowadays when you mix R&B and Hip-Hop, it has to be in your face, or else it will sound like a Drake and Trey Songz mashup. It’s sad, but true. “Caught In This Music” is a little better. It feels a bit old school. Kinda like Ja Rule should be on it. Has just enough new school in it to keep it trill though. The closer “Put This Fire Out” is big track. Sound-wise itsalmostthere. It could have used a bit more mixing. Otherwise, a great song to end the mixtape with. illz4real gave the best he could with this project, and you can tell. It’s a good listen, and you wont be disappointed. Even in the mixtape-heavy summer, I feel that it will still hold a place at the top once September hits.

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