LG’s W.T.F. “Butt-Hurt”

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I hate to have to say this, but in all honesty, some of ya’ll are some major WIMPS. Do you know what this site is? What we do? We are a hip-hop BLOGSITE. Which means, we are able to voice our own opinions about whatever graces the wonderful pages of our site. So if you aren’t made to take constructive criticism yet – don’t release music until you are.

I’m tired of hearing – “F**k whoever writes for RapRISE!”, or, “RapRISE just a bunch of haters.”


If you can’t roll with the fact that this is a community, and that anything that is said in our posts or reviews is to ultimately drive the artist to make better decisions, and come out stronger after reading them, then you’re missing the point. Every ounce of criticism we give is so that you will take it, use it, and get better. That’s the point of criticism. We aren’t here to bully you. If it seems like we go a little hard on some folks, it’s all in good fun, and really, we are just voicing our opinion. (Quite frankly, some of the people that we criticize the hardest, appreciate us the most.) What are you going to do when you hit the big leagues homie? Label execs are MUCH WORSE than us when it comes to the brutal honesty. This industry doesn’t babysit. There is no pity here. You have enough examples of greats that came before you, and even some of your peers are making waves in the world of unsigned Hip-Hop. There is NO excuse.

Suck it up. Stop whining, and make music. Labels are now looking on our website for talent. You don’t want to deal with our small comments? Fine. Miss out on the chance of a lifetime. Hope your buddies pay your rent while you forever make YouTube music.


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