EP REVIEW: Urbane “Patchwork Opera”

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Urbane is back with a fresh EP, “Patchwork Opera”. They don’t drop a lot of music, but they definitely left a lasting impression on me after I reviewed their last project “Fine And You”. Originality is definitely lacking in the music industry, but Urbane has no shortage of it whatsoever. It’s backpack rap, sure, but it has it’s own flair to it.

“Just A Thought” is a good opening. But isn’t conventional. Then again, that’s what we have come to expect from Urbane. It’s mostly singing. But ever since Urbane first dropped on our site, we’ve known them to be melodic, so it doesn’t come off as unnecessary. “Lost Cause” has more rapping in it, and it serves them well. The bars in the intro are awesome. The simplistic beat enhances the lyrics. It’s really backpack rap at it’s best.

The title “Facebook Status” scared me when I saw it. But it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. In all honesty, I couldn’t really tell you what this song is about. Every time I tried to listen to it, my mind went somewhere else. “Cough” caught my attention though. It’s a confession song to say the least. Sometimes we get so caught up on songs that have the guy professing his love for her, but what about when words go unsaid? “Cough” explores that beautifully.

“Season Fling” is like the “Cough” anti-song. I know it isn’t a mistake that they are right after each other. Getting in a relationship that is potentially bad for you is something we face everyday. Urbane really explores this in this song, and it feels a tad Kanye-ish, but it’s great lyrically – “She has a key but she’s never home…”.

“Drunk Love” is pretty much my favorite on the album. It’s a situation that is SO REAL. However, it’s never talked about. “What happens when the party ends?” “Are we still in love with each other then?” I swear, Urbane has it locked when it comes to concepts. Execution could use a little work, but they have it down for the most part. “For At Least” is very dark and moody. Not my kind of track at all. However, I can’t lie and say that this song wouldn’t serve it’s purpose if I was in the mood for it.

“Dusty Jacket” is a great closer for Urbane. Slightly off center, but going in the direction THEY want it to go in. It comes off as slightly too Cudi-ish, but then again, if that is truly their sound, you can’t hate. I feel like they were making music like this well before Cudi. Simply because it’s better than his. This EP isn’t going to be liked by many. But the people who will get down with it will swear by it. This is a great effort from the duo.

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