ALBUM REVIEW: G-3 “Man Of The Hour”

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It would be safe to say that the anticipation for this album was at a fever pitch. After some delays, and much hype however, the day came and went. I knew this was going to be one to watch. G-3 is one of the most charismatic, entertaining rappers in the unsigned category. Does this latest body of work improve on his already set-in formula? Or does it let it plateau?

Since this was more than just a usual cover, or mixtape for G-3, I knew I had to judge this on a completely different scale. G-3 is amazing when it comes to putting out mixtapes, but when it came to an actual album, I was anxious to see if he would actually deliver. “Light Show” is a synthy intro that drags a tad, but that could be because I’m so used to him opening strong. I would say the intro leaves a bit to be desired.

“Come Home” is exactly what I wanted to hear for the intro. It’s more of a G-3 feel, and it effectively sets the listener up to anticipate the rest of the album. The monster single “Play A Lil Keni” drops in at number 3. Not much more we can say about this song, since we covered it’s release. It’s still great, and is one of G-3′s best. Radio play would be instant if it was handed to the right person.

“TwentyTwenty” is a song I feel like the album could have done without. I got a little bored. Not sure if it was the track, the lyrics, or the song as a whole, but my attention waned way too easily while listening to this track. “2 Gold Chainz” follows right after, and it is essentially the same concept as TwentyTwenty, but it is done better. The production is kinda trancy, sounding like what we are coming to expect from Detroit party tracks, now that Big Sean has made it popular. As I’ve said many times, I compare G-3 to Sean, but I would rather listen to G-3. He may not be as fun as Sean, but lyrically he is superior, and that’s enough for me.

“Good Love” sounds like a JDrew/Chid Mike song.  However, G-3 never lets a song get away from him too much. He is able to put his own spin to it, so it doesn’t sound like a complete rip. “Strip Club Scholarship” is great. It’s exactly what you want out of a song with that title. If strip clubs in Detroit aren’t playing this by next week, G-3′s team is slipping on marketing. It’s perfect. I would say I can’t wait for the video, but that would make me seem like a perv, so I won’t.

“Rose Gold” sounds like an audition for a YMCMB/MMG mixtape. That can be a good or bad thing depending on your taste in hip-hop. I like the song, but again, for a summer release, this album has a lot of songs that draaaaag. I’m used to this particular sound, because it’s G-3, but I just don’t think these songs are for a summer release.

As if on cue, “We In” adds some much needed energy into the tone of the album. G-3 gets off on this one, and it’s a proper brag track to rock to in the summer heat – make sure the top is down while playing this one. “I’m The Man” is another great sounding track. This one has a big beat, and it serves it well. “The Chase” is cute, and Jasmine V lays down a good chorus to pair with G-3′s slick lyrics. If anything, this one will be popular amongst the fans of these artists, which is a fairly large fanbase.

“Radio” is good fun. Not something I would personally listen to, but it definitely has the sound of what is on the radio right now. It’s a lot more pop-sounding than what we are used to from G-3, but he didn’t sound out of place, which is good. “DOLLA BILL$”  & “They Know” are both just okay, but very filler-ish. After a pretty good outro “#1 Fan”, two bonus tracks round out the album. I don’t know what to say about “Ray’s Song”. I appreciate him for stepping out the box with it, but I’m not sure if I like it.

The last track is arguably (with the exception of maybe “Play A Lil Keni”) the albums best song. It’s one of the most radio ready. It’s very visual. It’s easy to digest. It may not be a party song, but it’s still great stuff. It’s certainly my favorite. The album as a whole is pretty good. It’s exactly what we know and love from G-3, with a couple of new sounds and tricks sprinkled in there for flavor. My only complaint is that the album completely ignored TIMING. This could be partly because it had a delay or two if I’m not mistaken, but regardless, if you are releasing a summer album – make it sound like one. Too many songs sounded the same (though they were still good), and it just made some parts drag.

Even with that bit of negativity however, “Man Of The Hour” is solid, and a triumph for the artist that we know as G-3. I feel as if we may have heard these songs before though. So my hope (or request rather) is that the next time around, we get a little more personal. It would be great to dig a little deeper. Below the girls, cars,  jewelry is something we have yet to see from G-3. I can’t wait for that. Until then, “Man Of The Hour” gets the job done.

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