MIXTAPE REVIEW: MikeThomas “The Will To Be Ill”

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MikeThomas is such a great young talent. At first, he was an underdog, but after “The Rookie Season”, it’s safe to say that he has gotten past that stage. Much more is expected from him. With that being said, I’m not exactly sure where this mixtape stands for me. Did Mike Thomas fall into a sophomore slump?

“The Review” is a clever intro/opening track. It asks a great question, and builds off the previous mixtape. The next track, is a bit wonky. I see where Mike wanted to go with “Minutes”, but does he get there? No. The chorus is bloated, and sounds unprofessional. As always though the lyrics are above average. It just needed better production quality all around.

“Stuttering” is right up Mike’s alley. It’s a boom-bap beat, and Mike rides it well. The lyrics are even a bit on the old school side. Mike lets hois personality shine a bit, but  I feel as if he could have gotten more aggressive. “Damn You Sexy” is….a tragedy. I’m not sure if it’s a joke or not, but it isn’t funny either way. It tries to be a “sex” song, but it comes off as way too vulgar, and almost laughable. I actually HATE this song. And hate is a really strong word.

“Till Your Dead” lost me when Mike started rapping off-beat (Let’s not even mention the fact that “you’re” is spelled wrong). I stuck with it however, and gave it another chance, but again I was disappointed. Not even lyrics can save this one. “Curtain Wall” comes as a shock coming right after Till Your Dead. It’s a deeper look into the like of MikeThomas, but it almost seems like a lie coming after the previous songs. This is where direction, artist identity, and song placement comes into play!

“Letters To My Ex Pt. 2″ is good until it gets to the chorus. Rappers who can’t sing, should NOT attempt to. PERIOD. Mike chooses a good Remix to hop on when it comes to the “Boyfriend Remix”. It’s production quality is horrible, but he’s probably at his best lyrically. The Mike Stud chorus fits in perfect as well. “Loko” is a great party jam. Maybe this is where Mike should stay for a while. It just seems that he raps more comfortably in this kind of genre.

“Sexy Girls” is pretty cool. It’s a cover of the popular Carly Rae Jepsen song, “Call Me Maybe”. It’s a shame that this is one of the best songs on this project. “Coke & Rum” has a good vibe to it, but ultimately ends up being a bit boring to me. “Trifecta” is a “Theraflu” cover that doesn’t do much for me either. Rapping was way too off-beat.

It’s sucks to say, but MikeThomas dropped the ball on this one. In the End Zone. Down by a touchdown, with 20 seconds left. It’s just not as good as it should have been. He needs to hit the lab, and figure out a direction. He also needs work on his flow. With some work, he could get a lot better. For now though, he’s still a rookie.

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