Ratings For Reviews: What Gets A “Spin”?

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Here at RapRISE, we understand the importance of goals. Sometimes, having a goal can make an artist strive for more, take risks, and ultimately push themselves to be a better artist. This is what we want. For ALL of you. What better way to give you a goal, or something to work for than to introduce our very own Rating System?

Starting now, all mixtapes, albums, and EP’s will be rated with “spins” The rating will be from 0 to 5, and yes, there are halves. So it is imperative, now more than ever to come with your “A” game. This is what we are looking for when we do our ratings:

1.) Content – What are you talking about? Does it work for the album? Does it have a message? Of course all songs don’t have to give hope to a nation – however, even a party song has to make me want to party with it’s lyrics.

2.) DeliveryAll the great ones have a distinct delivery. Does your energy match the production? Does your tone match the content of the song? All these factors come into play when we think about who has a good delivery and who doesn’t.

3.) Flow -Yes. Flow is different from Delivery. How does this rapper string together his rhymes? Is it melodic? Staccato? How does it work with song choice?

4.) Production – Beat selection, and how the overall album is produced, is very important. Does it fit with your content? Does it help or hinder the lyrics get through to the listener?

5.) Radio-Play Capability – While this is among the least important of the criteria, it does come into play. We are sure that recognition from the masses is a major thing for you guys, and ultimately the only way to get that is if your songs sound like they will thrive on the radio.

6.) Replay Value - We all know that the albums we all remember are the ones we have played over and over. Those are the mixtapes and albums that hold a special place in our hearts.

Who will be the first to get 5 spins?

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