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You definitely can’t pinpoint Oscar Lee’s style. The EP, “Scattershot” sweeps over you, holds you, and doesn’t really let go until it’s last audible sound. It’s great to say the least, but it’s beauty is not in it’s perfections, it’s moreso in Oscar’s imperfections. It would seem like a bad thing, to be vulnerable as a rapper, but Oscar turns it into great music.

Oscar’s flow is pretty straightforward. He can come off a little too hard sometimes though. His passion may get in the way at times, but his lyrics and delivery are great. He sounds a little old school, because of his delivery, but it won’t alienate him at all. His storytelling ability is there as well. As long as he keeps up with the imagery, he will hold his own in that realm.

The intro song, “Hi”, is a brief but wonderful opening gem that grabs you and lets you go earlier than you expected. I would say I wish it had been longer, but in reality it’s the perfect length. “Almost Confident” is a perfect track. It really has the full package. Oscar displays a lyrical vulnerability, but at the same time, is secure in his flow. The production is perfect, the strings create a sweeping feel, and the sample that comes through just enhances it.

“Ex Games” is a bit of a storytelling effort from Oscar. I would probably listen to this song over and over if I was in the same situation as he. On the other hand, if I wasn’t, the song would get skipped over. It’s really revealing, and it’s the kind of song that is slightly out of place in a easy listen type EP.

“Troy’s America” is also great. It isn’t quite political, but it definitely goes in that direction. “Dream From Yesterday” is another deep cut. The lyrics are amazing, weaving a story so vivid, that it’s visuals can be seen almost instantly. The haunting production is also great, even if it makes your mind drift at times. Overall, it’s a very good track.

“Oh Well (What Am I Looking For)” is a decent closer. I just wished the tone would have made some sort of change. Even though the song hits the right notes content-wise it really could have been better if the production would have had a different feel. In the end, the negatives that are associated with this album definitely do not outweigh the positives. The EP is a solid offering from a budding lyricist. If you like hip-hop in it’s rawest form, look no further than this.

I give this 3.5 out of 5 ‘Spins’.


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    Thanks for taking the time to listen to my work. I can’t tell you how much it means for me, a young man from rural South Carolina, to have his work appreciated. I hope that “Scattershot 2″ resonates with you and your colleagues more than its predecessor.

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