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Running this site has really brought something to my attention that troubles me. It appears that so many of you spend countless hours in the studio. And that’s apparent by the constant onslaught of music that you release. For some of you it’s literally a new track a day. While that can be a great strategy to keep your listeners engaged, there is still a piece of the puzzle that many of you are missing…

Have a purpose.

Why are you releasing these songs? Are they a build up for an upcoming release? Part of some song ‘series’? Or are you just looking to be the YouTube artist with the most covers, who never goes anywhere in their career?
Most of you are on the path of the last one.

If your goal is to be a major label artists… treat yourself like one. Take marketing into consideration. Do you see your favorite major artist just releasing songs every day? Of course not. And when they are dropping a steady flow of music, it’s usually to create a buzz for an upcoming mixtape, album, etc. Otherwise, your fans will get bored of you. We get it, you can take someone’s beat and rap to it. Whether you do it well or not, we get that you can do it. But show us why you’re doing it. Release some original music. Give us a compilation of sorts. Take your artistry serious, and your fans will too.

Separate yourself from the ranks of the average YouTube rapper. Stand above and beyond. Take yourself as serious as we should.

- J.Scott

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