2012 RapRise Awards: Power Player

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This is it. The ‘Power Player’ award is our equivalent to ‘artist of the year’. This is awarded to the artist that dominated our site the past 12 months.

From a relatively unknown artist, to our Surprise Riser, to Power Player – all in one year. MikeThomas is exactly what we look for from artists that make their way to our site. His passion for what he does not only shows through his music, but in the impact that he now leaves on our site. Remember, all of the RapRise Awards (except for the ‘Staff Picks’) are based on statistical excellence on our site. MikeThomas has been just that - statistically excellent.

This has been quite the year for one of our favorite Rising stories, and we all can’t wait to see what he has in store for the next 12 months.

Congratulations MikeThomas!

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    2012 RapRise Awards: Power Player http://t.co/nJTukr4E

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    The #RapRiseAwards winner for ‘Power Player’ (or artist of the year) is… @sciameXL aka MikeThomas! =>> http://t.co/nJTukr4E

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    http://t.co/tkyk9fwd everyone blow this link up as well!!! ARTIST OF THE YEAR #PowerPlayer

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    Can my followers do me a favor and click this link http://t.co/tkyk9fwd then click “I Like This.” I need to keep rising! @OfficialRapRISE

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