2012 RapRise Awards: Surprise Rise

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There are many artists that we expect to maintain a top spot on our site – because they do it all time. Artists like G-3, Adam Reverie, J-Dub, etc. Those artists pretty much live in our top 5 posts. And then there are artists that even our staff didn’t expect to hit the top 5. More impressively are the ones who we didn’t expect, that just won’t seem to leave.

This year’s undeniable surprise rise was MikeThomas‘ “Far Away” ft. ALO. Before “Far Away”, MikeThomas was working hard to etch his way into the top recognized posts on our site. He often contacted our staff asking what he could do to help himself grow in his marketing. (Something we truly admire.) He continued to work hard, and one day he released a video that everyone couldn’t deny. As one of the most viewed posts on our site this year, “Far Away” held its charting position on our site for several weeks. Far longer than the 2 or 3 day lifespan that most songs get. And then all of his subsequent posts have charted as well.
We are no longer surprised when we see “MikeThomas” holding a top spot on the Rise.

Congratulations MikeThomas!

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    2012 RapRise Awards: Surprise Rise http://t.co/aj3bJjOF

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    Our ‘Surprise Rise’ winner for the #RapRiseAwards is none other than @sciameXL for “Far Away”! =>> http://t.co/aj3bJjOF

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    EVERYONE BLOW THIS UP FOR ME! http://t.co/GV1kqeAR

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