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Music videos. Everyone needs them, right? And the goal is to make your video fit in with the likes of the mainstream artists. So, with that being said, how often do you see major artists using headphones as their playback devices in their videos? …You don’t. Ever.
So how can you get a polished video without a viable playback device? Easy. …Sort of.

It’s time for you to invest in a portable speaker. You can find pretty powerful ones at Best Buy for $10. So price is really not a deterrent here. Next: have your cameraman hold the speaker. You’re always going to want the camera to pick up most of the audio anyway. That’s the best way to sync the video to your track later in editing.

So… Unless you’re wearing your Beats as a fashion statement, nobody wants to see you performing in your music video with headphones on. Do you hear me?

- J.Scott

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