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Here we are again. It’s been just over a year now since our 2012 Rising Class was announced. XXL has now inducted their 2013 ‘Freshman Class’, so once again we must announce our list of artists to watch out for.
We thank you all for flooding the site and our Twitter account with your recommendations. As always, this wasn’t just based on a tally of votes. Here’s what our staff looked for in our Rising Class.

What we looked for:

  • Artists with strong or steadily growing fan bases.
  • Artists that know how to market themselves and also have marketability.
  • Creativity and content.
  • Artists who have had a presence on RapRise.
  • And finally, star power. Those artists that we at rR believe could/should be signed to major labels.

And’s 2013 Rising Class is…


Who better to start our list off than the artsy east coaster known as D-WHY? If you haven’t familiarized yourself with his music, you truly are keeping yourself from something special. Not only does he bring lyrical content worth listening to, but he’s also been pairing himself with some great artists. The ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself‘ album was sprinkled with great features, and flooded with wonderful music. His music videos are like movies, and his fans can’t get enough. Unless he plans to go the Macklemore route, he’ll surely be inking a big deal very soon.

Chris Miles

It’s the young boy on the block who’s coming for heads. At the age of 13, Chris Miles began growing a following that rivals some major label prospects. His rapid-fire bars and strong lyrical content were a driving force behind his seemingly out-of-nowhere rise. Once he released his first “80 Bars” video things really began to change. His free album ‘I Am Me‘ really made a statement. He is ready to grow and take over the game. And we’re ready to watch.


The rR staff firmly believes there isn’t a rapper on this list with more drama/controversy surrounding him. Jinsu‘s ability to rise (pun intended) out of that and still release such a high caliber of music is exactly what an artist with the tools to make it to the top would do. His fan base is one of the most loyal, and his music sounds like it should already be on the radio. With the A-list features that he can already acquire, it’s a wonder why he hasn’t already inked that big deal.

Huey Mack

Many would say that Huey Mack is living in the shadow that is Mike Stud, but we at rR know better. Huey is very much his own artist. His music’s unique, and his voice is his singular driving force in his career. He is a master storyteller, one of the relatable artists that you can also party with. He is already touring, so it should come as no surprise to anyone how he ended up on this list.


Dumbfoundead has been doing this for some time now. His style is unique, and his fans love him for it. Mixing out of the box visuals with standard-setting lyrics is his claim to fame. You can hear Dumbfoundead featuring verses on all of the rising hit makers songs – from Watsky to Jay Park. It’s only a matter of time before that fame is recognized on a more global level.


When Baeza first came across our site, our staff thought he was a bit of a joke. But when the still laughable “Hello Kitty” continued to rise our charts and eventually became the top rR post of all-time, we knew that we had to take notice. (Not to mention winning our first ever ‘Surprise Rise‘ RapRise award.) We now see that there is some redeemable quality there. Baeza has the potential to be more than just a YouTube hit. And with a devoted fan base like his, he could definitely make a mark on the genre.


Every class needs its clown. Traphik is happy to own that title. His unabashed sense of humor really stands Traphik out from the rest. And if you haven’t heard of his mixtape ‘Cruise Control‘, then you clearly haven’t spent any time on this site (it was our 2012 Power Mixtape winner) or any other blog for that matter. With several successful projects under his belt, and more than 300k Twitter followers, there’s no doubt that people are bound to start enjoying Traphik on the way to and from work.


The underground underdog. Skewby has been flying under the radar for some time now. If you’ve never listened to his music, you would wonder if it was on purpose. He is an introvert – a storyteller with a knack for making you forget you are listening to music. His strength is, and will probably always be, getting a crowd to say “yes, I know what that’s like.” In music that is a very powerful weapon.

Mike Stud

Mike Stud is a star. Plain and simple. It seems that lately, he just started realizing it. He has taken his career to such atmospheric levels, that its hard to believe he isn’t signed yet. He knows his lane, and he drives the hell out of it. You would be hard pressed to find a Mike Stud song where it seems he lost his artist identity. That alone will keep his rise to the top strong and steady.

Adam Reverie

Each year we have one honoree that doesn’t quite meet the statistical level of the rest of the class, but is leaps and bounds above most when it comes to talent and potential. This year, that’s Adam Reverie by a long shot. When it comes to this list, Adam is our rapper’s rapper. Our 2012 ‘Power Album’ award didn’t go to ‘Michigan Autumns: Ballad Of Adam Reverie‘ by mistake. He continues to prove that he can put together bodies of work, not just one or two crossover singles. He is an artist in a world of rappers. We only hope that more light is shined on him soon enough.

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