NEW ALBUM Trag Tha God ‘G.O.D. (Greatness Over Deception)’

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Trag Tha God professes his own greatness with his new album ‘G.O.D.’ It’s a strong title, and needs a lot to back it up. Does it do that? Listen and see.
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1. G.O.D. Intro (Prod. By J.Dot)
2. 95 Till (Prod. By Klever)
3. Take Care ft. Lifted (Prod. By D.Boy)
4. No Hezzy (Prod. By Versatile G)
5. Who Am I (Prod. By The Passion HiFi)
6. Delorean ft. Riggz (Prod. By Marv Beats)
7. Cover Story (Prod. By AllArounda Beats)
8. Don’t Cry (No Lie) ft. Craft (Prod. By AllArounda Beats)
9. Trials & Tribulations ft. Oscar Lee (Prod. By Matthew Mata)
10. Wake The Fuck Up SKIT
11. Lucid Dreams (Prod. By Ghost Keyz)
12. Man In The Mirror (Prod. By Roca Beats)
13. Precious Times (Prod. By The Passion HiFi)
14. Damnnnn SKIT
15. Back Home ft. Lifted (Prod. By Walter Giovanni)
16. Darling (Prod. By Navewa)
17. H.O.E.S. (Prod. By The Passion HiFi)
18. Pussy Is Power (Prod. By Royalist)
19. Is This What You Want SKIT
20. Hov & Esco ft. Riggz (Prod. By J.Dot)
21. Where Were They (Prod. By The Passion HiFi)
22. Proud Of Me (Prod. By Versatile G)
23. Where Legends Are Made (Prod. By The Passion HiFi)


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  1. Posted April 18, 2013 at 12:35 pm | Permalink

    NEW ALBUM Trag Tha God ‘G.O.D. (Greatness Over Deception)’

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    If you haven’t already, go download my guy @TragThaGod album, G.O.D.

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