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Lex Leosis_Avalanche

Lex Leosis has always been known to spit well. The question was, how would a full, directed, dedicated project really sound from her? As a female emcee, many feel as if you have something to prove. The stigma that the rap scene (especially the unsigned rap scene) belongs to men has some truth to it. So how does a woman break her way into the game? Roll over everyone. This is Avalanche.

Lex opens up the tape with the beautiful, self-explanatory “Avalanche”. A spoken word piece that will simply put you on your heels. She sets the tone perfectly. “Secret Society” is a great follower, but not the best choice for second song on the tape. The energy is just not where I would want it. The song that follows however, is more appropriate for that slot. “Purple Soda” is fun, and feels like a party. The chorus is catchy as hell, and the production gets you bouncing. You can’t really ask for more.

“Mila Kunis” is a mood changer, but one that you can rock with. It’s smooth, and it makes for a great batch of bars from Lex. Short but sweet. “Green Flow” is the calmer to the previous song, building on the tone switch. It sounds very Drake-ish, and it works. The only true drawback of the song is the feature, Moose. His off-beat rapping throws of the quality of the song.

We are snapped back to attention by “Weakness”. One of the best spoken word pieces I’ve ever heard. Solidifying her grasp on poetry puts Lex in a league of her own. The poem tackles such a great concept, that you can’t help but to replay it. From the first eerie piano key stroke, you can feel the tone. Lex opens it up with “Dance With With My Devils”. It’s gritty, and deep, but has a relatable quality that keeps it from shutting out less than novice listeners.It’s a typical “battling with myself and external forces” kind of song, but Lex brings the heat. Great song.

“Safe” carries the same weight on it’s shoulder as Dance With My Devils. It’s just more story-oriented. Lex tells the story of a drug addicted relationship. Deep stuff. “Survival Of The Fittest” is a politically charged piece that will remind you of something in the 90′s. Public Enemy-infused, and boom-bap heavy, it’s one of the most lyrically solid on the mixtape.

“Tall Dark Handsome” is a little jarring because you don’t expect Lex to talk about sex. But when she does, she does it well. I think the song is a tad too slow to fit in with the rest of the material, but it’s still good. “Priceless” rocks you right back out of the lovey dovey mood. It’s a loud, braggy , fun-filled romp. Can’t really say it’s one of my favorites, but it’s a great song. “Jane Bond” is technically an interlude, but I’m going to treat it as an actual song, because it is. The production on this is beautiful. Lex manages to capture a suave essence here that fits with the “super spy” feel. The vocals complete the song and just rounds everything out quite nicely. It’s a nice surprise. “Lady Of The House Part 2″ is just MONSTROUS. It’s the perfect ending song, but it’s also a perfect song. Lex does her thing, as do all the features. These ladies can SPIT. I love the fact that the production switches up.

Lex really crafted a good project here. It wasn’t bloated, and it wasn’t void of direction. The songs weren’t all perfect, but all were good. I’m not judging anything based off the fact that she’s a female. Lex delivered a great mixtape on every level. It’s best you get out her way. Avalanches are dangerous.

I give “Avalanche” 4 out of 5 spins

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