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NEW MUSIC: J-Dub “Roc Back”
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J-Dub - RocBack_Cover

It’s been a while since J-Dub was stricken with Insomnia. Has he finally gotten the rest he needed? Is he back to stay? We don’t know. But it sure is good to hear that old Roc-A-Fella sound again. Hov and Just Blaze would be proud.

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NEW VIDEO: J-Dub “Mixtape Shit”
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J-Dub has been giving us single after single from his album ‘Insomnia’. It’s like this guy can’t stop. This time around he brings a performance/lyric video for the album’s track that sounds right out of one of his mixtapes. It’s like The Captain is back.

J-Dub is also letting rappers use his beat for their own mixtapes.
Download the single AND the instrumental here.

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NEW VIDEO: J-Dub “Green Screen” ft. LyriX
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For the fourth single from his recent album ‘Insomnia,’ J-Dub teams up with long time collaborator LyriX for one of the album’s standouts: “Green Screen”. The video almost feels like a behind the scenes look at the video everyone else would shoot for this song.
Download ‘Insomnia’ here.

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NEW ALBUM: J-Dub ‘Insomnia’
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After multiple singles, a ton of promotion, and almost no sleep, J-Dub releases his first solo album in over five years. Insomnia is a culmination of moods, energies, and styles. J-Dub produced the entire album, and says that the album is “a complete and continuous body of work.” You’ll notice that as you listen – as each song sonically transitions into the next, creating what feels like one never-ending and forever-changing song.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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J-Dub ‘Insomnia’ Commercial
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We have less than a week before J-Dub wakes us up with his album ‘Insomnia‘. Taking a page out of Jay-Z’s book, he gives us a little commercial breaking down some things about the album. From the sound of some of these beats, we don’t think we’ll sleep through this.
The free album will be available on July 2nd at

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NEW VIDEO: J-Dub “Queen”
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With just over a week left before J-Dub releases his album ‘Insomnia‘, he gives us one more single to rock with until then. He takes a tonal shift here, sampling Andy Grammer, and speaking directly to women’s hearts. But with his always honest approach.

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J-Dub Reveals ‘Insomnia’ Tracklist
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With two weeks left for the release of his forthcoming album, Insomnia, J-Dub finally drops the full track listing for the project. Looks pretty meaty.

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NEW VIDEO: J-Dub “Dancer”
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Following up “Back In This“, the insomniac rapper brings forth the visuals for his second single from his upcoming album. This infectious club song is exactly what the summer ordered. Hey J-Dub… we think we may need a dancer too. Care to loan us one? Listen to “Dancer” on Spotify here.
Insomnia‘ drops 7/2/13.

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J-Dub’s “Dancer” Single Cover/Video Release Date
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Tomorrow, J-Dub will release the video for the second single from his upcoming album ‘Insomnia‘. Based on this cover, we think guys will love this one.
See his last video for “Back In This” here.

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NEW VIDEO: J-Dub “Back In This”
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J-Dub is back! Rocking one of our official RapRise shirts, The Captain returns, with a cameo from the beautiful Tristin Mays, in the minimal yet flashy video for his lead single to ‘Insomnia’. “Back In This” can make you dance and make you think, all while telling you exactly who J-Dub is. A skill that has been all but lost on the new hip hop generation. It’s good to see him back on the Rise, and back in this bitch.
Download the song here.

SIDE NOTE: We will be giving away a few of our ‘I’m On The Rise’ shirts very soon. Stay tuned!

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