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NEW VIDEO: Authentic Productions “Authentic Productions Cypher 2013/2014″ ft. Electric Militia, Big D, Jonscious
By J.Scott |

A little too late for 2013, but just on time for 2014, Authentic Productions gathers Electric Militia, Big D, and Jonscious for the first hot cypher of the year.

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Bobby Woody Announces ‘Burn This City’ Cypher
By J.Scott |

It’s been a while since one of these cyphers has come around. Bobby Woody is starting it all back up. Watch the video for details.

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NEW VIDEO: Ex-Cell ‘Fly Like Planes Cypher Entry’
By J.Scott |

It’s not Ex-Cell right now. It’s Easy. Fittingly so, because he makes it look so easy. Get fly.

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2012 RapRise Awards: Hottest RapRise Cypher
By rapRISE |


This is probably what many of you have been waiting for. Arguably one of the most controversial and talked about awards for this year. Another new category, ‘Hottest RapRise Cypher’ acknowledges the standout in our recent Cypher.

Several crews and solo artists submitted to the cypher. (Not nearly as many as those who said they would. But we’re not bitter.) We took a lot into consideration for this award, seeing what a hot topic item it was. Everything was considered – from fan votes, to statistical impact, to video quality, and most importantly… bars. When it came to lyrical quality, the unanimous winner seemed to be the ‘Justice League’ cypher, capped off by the verse that had every talking from J-Dub.

But the cypher that really encompassed everything for us was delivered by one of only two women seen in the cypher, Ladie.
Her cypher was noticeably regarded as one of the best, and our staff loved what she did with her 90s style, production quality, and mindset. And let’s not forget that fly appearance by Jessica Gorman as her dj.

Congratulations Ladie!

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RapRise Cypher: CAST YOUR VOTE!
By rapRISE |


So now that you’ve seen all of the RapRise Cypher videos, and heard all of the verses, it’s time to let us know what you think. For the 2012 RapRise Awards (#RapRiseAwards) we will be adding a “Hottest RapRise Cypher” category.
All of the RapRise Awards winners will be announced at the beginning of the new year. But this is your time to let us know who YOU think deserves the “hottest cypher” title.

Leave a comment below to vote!

Here are the videos again, as a reminder:

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RapRise Cypher: Sir Darkseid
By rapRISE |


Last but not least, Sir Darkseid adds his always potent flavor to our RapRise Cypher. Always equipped with a fair share of comic references and heavy punches, he doesn’t disappoint here.

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RapRise Cypher: Justice League
By rapRISE |


This is definitely what a cypher looks like. A bunch of real rappers standing around spitting non-stop bars. You have to appreciate what the JL guys brought to the RapRise Cypher.
This video includes: E.Q., LyriX, Eclectic, and J-Dub.

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RapRise Cypher: Johnny Jc
By rapRISE |


Johnny Jc was definitely the most laid back of all of the entries for the RapRise Cypher this time around. Opting for seated webcam video, and an emphasis on just the bars.

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RapRise Cypher: Ladie
By rapRISE |


Next up in the RapRise Cypher is Ladie. She’s known for dropping ill bars, and her 90′s feel in this fit just right. Props for the top notch video quality too. She came for heads!

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RapRise Cypher: December Gang
By rapRISE |


The wait is finally over! The Cypher is back for another go ’round. First up: December Gang. They brought out the big guns here and attacked the cypher pretty hard.
The video features, in order, Rsonic, Lex Leosis, Pure Knowledge, Jelani Carter, Tony Chaos, and Kope.

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