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NEW VIDEO: FLSHWNDZ Perform At The Complex In Utah
By J.Scott |

So there are about 1,000 members in FLSHWNDZ. And they don’t do a good job of telling you exactly who’s in the group, or how to contact them. But here there are performing at The Complex in Salt Lake City, opening up for YG.

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‘Take The Throne’ Contest (Cash Prize)
By J.Scott |

RapRise is partnering up with Groove International to bring a hip hop contest to Long Beach. On July 28th at The Rhythm Lounge, Groove will be hosting a daytime event featuring the best in unsigned rock and hip hop. The hip hop is where we, (and you), come in.
Did we mention that the contest will be judged by the RapRise staff?

One song, one shot… $400 cash prize. Think you have what it takes? Sign up now!

To signup, click here for details and rules.
Tell them that RapRise sent you!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: JDrew’s ‘It’s Been Real’ Concert
By J.Scott |

The details are finally in. JDrew‘s upcoming ‘It’s Been Real’ concert, named after his recent mini-mixtape, is scheduled for Thursday, June 28th. Performances include Chid Mike, Crown Holders, John Anthony, and, of course, JDrew. Are you ready?

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Watsky Performs “4AM Monday”
By Christopher.Bryan |

I love Watsky, yo. His flow, his knowledge and just the things he says, are just plain ill. Watch as he stands behind the mic and delivers “4AM Monday” with his band behind him. Great music.

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Behind The Scenes With Palmer Squares: The 420 Event
By Christopher.Bryan |

We’ve got another TPS Report. Watch the Palmer Squares hit the stage, and perform some joints from the ‘Spooky Language’ EP, at the 420 event. The vibe at this show was pretty smooth. And the boys did their thing, of course.

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Jake Performs “Im Amped” At The Mansion
By J.Scott |

Jake recently took his talents to The Mansion night club and performed a few of his cuts. Here’s a clip of him getting into “I’m Amped”.

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Ro Digital Performs w/ Memphis Red and the Stank Nasty Band
By J.Scott |

Newcomer, Ro Digital, took his talents to the stage recently as he performed with Memphis Red and the Stank Nasty Band at Cafe Cordiale in North Hollywood. Word is that this was his first time taking a verse to the stage. Looking forward to more.

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NEW VIDEO: sPLiiT Performs At Club Entice
By J.Scott |

Last month, sPLiiT performed at Club Entice and went through a few tracks from his upcoming ‘The EPidemic’ mixtape. Check out the footage.

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K.i.D & Mr. Man Perform At Zoey’s Cafe
By Christopher.Bryan |

K.i.D and Mr. Man tore the stage all the way up at Zoey’s Cafe in Ventura. Watch the guys get super hype. Good show.

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Doe The Unknown Performs at Elephant Club in Fresno, CA
By LG |

Doe The Unknown recently had a performance at Elephant Club. Peep the video and watch him rock the crowd.

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