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Da Illest ‘On My Way To Fame’ Tracklist
By J.Scott |

Da Illest - On My Way tracklist

First the cover, now the tracklist. Da Illest keeps inches October 1st closer and closer to us.

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Da Illest ‘On My Way To Fame’ Cover
By J.Scott |

Da Illest_On My Way To Fame

October 1st is the date. Da Illest is set to release his new mixtape ‘On My Way To Fame’. Let’s hope the road is clear.

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Adam Reverie Reveals ‘Father Son Brother Friend’ Cover Art
By J.Scott |

Adam Reverie_FatherSonBrotherFriend

It’s getting hot in here. And it’s not just because of that leather jacket in the summer. Ha! The man himself, Adam Reverie, is prepping ‘Father Son Brother Friend’ for October 4th. You ready?

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Da Illest ‘Welcome To Paradise’ Album Cover
By J.Scott |


September 24th marks the date for the next full project from Da Illest. We’ve got some time leading up to this, so hopefully we will get a couple of singles to prepare us.

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TopBananas Teases “Memo” Video
By J.Scott |


Tomorrow is the official release of the new RapRise presented video from producer/rapper TopBananas. The animated visual features references that would drive any industry head crazy. Come back tomorrow to see it yourself.

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J-Dub Reveals ‘Insomnia’ Tracklist
By rapRISE |


With two weeks left for the release of his forthcoming album, Insomnia, J-Dub finally drops the full track listing for the project. Looks pretty meaty.

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J-Dub’s “Dancer” Single Cover/Video Release Date
By rapRISE |


Tomorrow, J-Dub will release the video for the second single from his upcoming album ‘Insomnia‘. Based on this cover, we think guys will love this one.
See his last video for “Back In This” here.

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J-Dub To Premiere New Video
By rapRISE |


Sporting one of our very own ‘I’m On The Rise’ RapRise shirts, J-Dub sets to release the video for his first single some time tomorrow. “Back In This” will be the first bit of music we will hear from his upcoming album ‘Insomnia,’ dropping 7/2/13.

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Tony Triggaz ‘Numbers On The Board’ Artwork
By J.Scott |


Tony Triggaz has released the cover “art” for his upcoming ‘Numbers On The Board’. As you can see, we use the word “art” very loosely, as Tony opted for a very minimalistic and pixelated cover. 5/17/13 is the date.

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J-Dub Reveals Album Title/Cover Art & Release Date
By rapRISE |


After the release of last year’s mixtape ‘The Captain,’ J-Dub has been promising a new album to be released this year. He now finally gives us our first look into the project. ‘Insomnia‘ drops July 2nd.

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