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Da Illest “Don’t Let Me Go” Single Cover
By J.Scott |


Da Illest continues to tease his way up to his new release. His next single, “Don’t Let Me Go” is the object of today’s tease.

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Da Illest ‘Paradise’ Mixtape Cover Art
By J.Scott |


Da Illest gives us a taste of ‘Paradise’ with the reveal of his mixtape cover. Start packing.

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Da Illest Releases ‘Shockwave ||’ Cover Art
By J.Scott |


‘Shockwave ||’ is on its way, and Da Illest is starting his promotion right. Check out the very cosmic cover art.

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LyriX Shares ‘The Formula’ Cover/Release Date
By J.Scott |

LyriX has been slowly yet steadily moving for quite some time now. After several covers and videos, we are finally going to get a complete project from him. For that, he brings us ‘The Formula‘. Led by the single “My Kinda Girl“, get your equations ready for the release on 12.12.12.

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Da Illest Previews ‘ShockWave (Deluxe Edition)’ Tracklist
By J.Scott |

Now that’s quite an extensive tracklist there. Da Illest sends us over a screenshot of the songs that will make it to his ‘ShockWave (Deluxe Edition)’ project. We hope you’ll have enough spare time when you’re ready to listen.

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Moses Stone Releases ‘Resilient’ Cover Art/Tracklist
By J.Scott |

Tomorrow, 11.13.12, we will get the much-anticipated ‘Resilient’ mixtape from rapper/singer Moses Stone. Does the art get you as hyped as it does us?

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Jelani Carter Reveals ‘Day Dreamerz Radio’ Cover
By J.Scott |

Oh it’s official. Jelani Carter has revealed the album art for ‘Day Dreamerz Radio‘. The upcoming project is slated for release 11.24.12. And yes, you are reading that right… it is presented in part by RapRise. First video coming soon.

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Young Novelist Reveals Mixtape Cover
By J.Scott |

Young Novelist is all set to release his new mixtape ‘Broken Hearts & Mannequins’ on 12.12.12. I foresee a lot of big releases on that day.

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J-Dub Reveals Tracklist For ‘The Captain’
By LG |

Anticipation for “The Captain” has been steadily climbing, and now J-Dub has released the tracklist. From the looks of it, he’s doing a lot of songs people may know. He also has recruited fellow Risers Eclectic, E.Q., and of course LyriX for features. Looks like we’re in for a treat on the 30th.

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ON THE SET: J-Dub ft. LyriX “Clique” Video Shoot
By rapRISE |

J-Dub has been hinting that his upcoming single from ‘The Captain’ would feature LyriX. Looks like he wasn’t lying. Stay tuned for their video for “Clique”. Directed by J-Dub and LyriX.

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