NEW VIDEO: Adam Reverie “The Introduction”
By J.Scott |

Adam Reverie is great with creating imagery with words. Really listen to what he says. He’s more than just a rapper.

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NEW MUSIC: Adam Reverie “Melrose (REVmix)”
By J.Scott |

The Rev mixes up his own version of one of Childish Gambino’s new tracks. Check out this new solid cover from Adam Reverie.

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NEW MIXTAPE: Adam Reverie ‘Father Son Brother Friend’
By J.Scott |

Adam Reverie_FatherSonBrotherFriend

If you’ve spent any time on our site before, then you should know that Adam Reverie makes good music. This Rising Class member is back at it again with his new mixtape ‘Father Son Brother Friend‘. Let’s see if he can top our charts again.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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Adam Reverie Reveals ‘Father Son Brother Friend’ Cover Art
By J.Scott |

Adam Reverie_FatherSonBrotherFriend

It’s getting hot in here. And it’s not just because of that leather jacket in the summer. Ha! The man himself, Adam Reverie, is prepping ‘Father Son Brother Friend’ for October 4th. You ready?

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NEW MUSIC: D.Rose “Best Of Me” ft. Adam Reverie
By J.Scott |


Making a return to the Rise, D.Rose teams up with heavy hitter Adam Reverie for his latest track. The song is produced by Eli Myles. Hip hop.

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NEW MUSIC: Adam Reverie “Sin Sometime”
By J.Scott |


The Rev is back. “Sin Sometime” is the next release from Adam Reverie. His content is top notch, as always. This has got a very SouthernPlayalistic vibe to it. We’ve got another born sinner.

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NEW MUSIC: Adam Reverie “Testify”
By J.Scott |


This is more than just a song. This is a testimonial. Adam Reverie puts the oil to the canvas in the next offering from his upcoming mixtape. Amen.

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NEW MUSIC: Adam Reverie “Make A Better Product”
By J.Scott |


It’s time for a better product. Adam Reverie is all for it, and we support it over here. This is the first single from the upcoming ‘Father, Son, Brother, Friend’ mixtape.

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NEW MUSIC: Adam Reverie “Craving For Your Lust”
By J.Scott |


Although we still have to wait until May 1st for the first official single from Adam Reverie‘s next project, he still decided to bless us with a little teaser track.

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The RapRise 2013 Rising Class Is…
By rapRISE |


Here we are again. It’s been just over a year now since our 2012 Rising Class was announced. XXL has now inducted their 2013 ‘Freshman Class’, so once again we must announce our list of artists to watch out for.
We thank you all for flooding the site and our Twitter account with your recommendations. As always, this wasn’t just based on a tally of votes. Here’s what our staff looked for in our Rising Class.

What we looked for:

  • Artists with strong or steadily growing fan bases.
  • Artists that know how to market themselves and also have marketability.
  • Creativity and content.
  • Artists who have had a presence on RapRise.
  • And finally, star power. Those artists that we at rR believe could/should be signed to major labels.

And’s 2013 Rising Class is…

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  • What’s Your Name?

    Who are you? Really. Ask yourself that. The first step to making a presence is knowing who you are. The one thing that should always be consistent throughout your brand, (yes, you are a brand), is your name. Occasional name changes aside, your name always be the same. But when upcoming rapper, let’s call him “Kid Magic”, releases new music and his YouTube account calls him “K.I.D. Magic”, song title calls him “KidMagic”, Twitter calls him “Kiidd Magic”, and so on and so forth, how are his fans supposed to connect to his brand?
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  • Who's Next?

    Who will be the next Riser to join the Hall Of Fame?