2011 RapRise.com Awards: Staff Picks
By rapRISE |

These awards will be a little different than the ones we have already given out today. Our staff picks are just that… staff picks. These are not based on statistical facts. They are the opinions of our staff members.
Read on as they break down why they chose what they did in the following categories.

The artists we think you should keep your eye on in the upcoming year.

J.ScottBecky G
If you’ve seen any of my Becky G posts on the site, you probably could’ve guessed that she would be my choice for ‘Watch The Rise’. She was by far one of my favorite artists this past year. She is one of the only artists that already has the presence of a major-level star.
I’ve had this award picked for months now, and just over a week ago we learned that Becky G has been signed. I knew she was one to watch.

Christopher.BryanDavid Yang
Of all the young cats to hit RapRise this past year and showcase their lyrics in competition videos, cyphers, covers and original songs, David Yang caught my attention in the best way. Young Yang is a multi-talented artist with a good mind and an ill flow.
I picked this guy as my choice for ‘Watch The Rise’  to wake him up. I want him to become a serious force to be reckoned with next year. All he has to do is continue releasing music, and showing off his amazing talent.

Moss represents exactly the type of artist the game needs right now. Dedicated, driven, and multi-talented, he simply exceeded expectations this year and set the bar insanely high. He raps with a commanding tone, and sings just as well. Lyrically he is impressive at times, but he still has room to grow. This is what really makes him dangerous. As polished as he is, he can only get better. That is why he was an instant shoe-in for my “Watch The Rise” pick.

Our personal favorite videos of the year.

J.ScottNate Hardy “Puppet Masters” ft. Prince Ea
At a glance, this video may seem to be just another animated lyrics video with additional imagery. But to me, it is so much more. Pair that with the true to the world content and simply brave chorus, and you have a video that will keep your eyes locked for four minutes and forty-seven seconds.

Christopher.BryanD.M.P. “We Ain’t Playin’”
The group D.M.P. is an unstoppable force made up of eight talented emcees. These guys really go in, and the fact that they all came together for the concept of this, and really came through with a dope video, is so cool. This video scares the crap out of me. Collaboration is everything with these guys, and they make it work.

LGLegit “A Nigger In Northface”
You honestly can’t deny the hard hitting issue of this video. Interracial relationships have always been a topic of controversy, but it was very seldom touched on in the realm of hip-hop. Legit really gives us lyrics that tell a story, and the visuals compliment those lyrics perfectly. It is beautifully shot and edited. It not only gives you something amazing to watch, but it makes you think about it long after it goes off. That is the key to having a great video. Job well done.

The one track that we can’t seem to deny ourselves of.

J.ScottDavid Sabastian “Pussy Marijuana”
When I first read the title of this song I expected to hate it. Seriously. But from the opening frames, I found myself enthralled by the elements of the video. It’s unapologetic, classy, trashy, creative, catchy, and frankly, undeniable.

Christopher.BryanNikko Dator “Breakin’ News”
Nikko Dator has come to be one of my favorite artists on the Rise. This song describes his personality to the fullest. I didn’t expect to love this song so much, but after posting it, I really couldn’t stop listening. It’s the reason I’m such a fan.

LGJo Thrillz “Wizard Of Bars”
Jo Thrillz wasn’t really on my radar before this video. I shouldn’t like this video. I really shouldn’t. There isn’t anything super special about it. But there is something about his off-the-wall lyrics and the suspense of, “where the heck is he walking to!?” that keeps me watching.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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Becky G. Signs To Sony/RCA Kemosabe
By rapRISE |

It’s a very proud day for us here at RapRise. We just heard great news about J.Scott’s favorite Riser of 2011. Word is that Becky G. just inked a deal with Sony/RCA Kemosabe. Congratulations Becky!

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NEW VIDEO: Becky G “24 Bar Acoustic”
By J.Scott |

Becky G takes us in the studio for a quick acoustic 24 bars. That’s right, acoustic. Not acapella. She’s rocking the guitar. Enjoy.

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NEW MUSIC: Becky G “Alone in December”
By J.Scott |

Ms. Lady Rap Singa is back with her latest single. Becky G, on of my personal RapRise favorites, is back with a time-appropriate song. She always covers both the singing and rapping very well. This track is no exception.

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NEW VIDEO: Becky G “Novacane”
By J.Scott |

This girl is becoming one of my favorites. Check out the rapper/singer’s great cover of Frank Ocean’s “Novacane”. Becky G has such a promising future.

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NEW VIDEO: Becky G ” Lighters”
By J.Scott |

This girl is a PROBLEM! Becky G gets her rapper/singer on in her cover of Bad Meets Evil’s collobo with Bruno Mars. Not only does she have the lyrical prowess, but she has the delivery, the confidence, the ease. She is a serious contender for sleeper artist of the year. Why are you still reading this? Watch the video!

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Becky G’s In-Studio Verse
By J.Scott |

You might remember the 14 year old rapper Becky G from her extremely dope video of her cover of “Otis”. Well recently, while in the studio, she gave a little video shout out to her fans and then followed it with a nice little verse. She starts off with the first four or so bars from “Otis”, but don’t worry, she switches it up.
This girl gets the J.Scott stamp of approval!

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NEW VIDEO: Becky G “Otis”
By J.Scott |

Ok, so… Not only is this my favorite cover of a WTT track, but it’s also one of my favorite videos from one of our artists in a long time. Becky G, the young girl with the bars (© Me), down right clowns her version of “Otis”. This makes me happy in so many ways. But enough from me. Just watch!

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