NEW VIDEO: JDrew ‘It’s Been Real’ Concert Commercial
By J.Scott |

JDrew puts together this commercial for the upcoming ‘It’s Been Real’ concert. “Be there.”

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ANNOUNCEMENT: JDrew’s ‘It’s Been Real’ Concert
By J.Scott |

The details are finally in. JDrew‘s upcoming ‘It’s Been Real’ concert, named after his recent mini-mixtape, is scheduled for Thursday, June 28th. Performances include Chid Mike, Crown Holders, John Anthony, and, of course, JDrew. Are you ready?

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NEW MUSIC: Slick-T “Take It To The Head” ft. LyriX & Crown Holders
By rapRISE |

Now this is a power collaboration. Two Rising Class members (Slick-T and Crown Holders) and a potential future Riser (LyriX) team up for this cover of Khaled’s current hit. Slick even takes his turn at singing the hook.

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NEW VIDEO: Crown Holders “Elements Of Music Cypher”
By rapRISE |

The self-proclaimed “Cypher Crooks” are back. It’s been a while since Crown Holders have forced their way into one of these YouTube cyphers, but they’re back. Watch as they bounce back and forth like it’s a game.
Long-time C.H fans will recognize the homage to their ‘Ultimate Alliance’ mixtapes here. Very cool.

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Crown Holders Join RHN’s ‘RISE’ Competition
By rapRISE |

Crown Holders just contacted us and let us know that they have entered Real Hip-Hop Network’s ‘RISE’ competition. (::smirks at the name::) This competition is giving an artist the chance to open up a nation tour this summer for Drake.
There is a brand new C.H that can be heard if you vote for them. Support the Risers and VOTE HERE.

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NEW MUSIC: Crown Holders “What You Say To Me”
By LG |

Ok so Crown Holders are completely blowing me away right now. After the amazing “Theraflu” cover they did (That video is one of my favorites of the year), they tackle a rather controversial Diggy track, and put their own spin on it. Is it good? C’mon, you see who this is. AND, it’s available for download. Boo-yah!


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NEW VIDEO: Crown Holders “Theraflu”
By LG |

The Crown Holders are at it again. As if the song wasn’t already monstrous enough with Kanye at the helm, now these two more than capable rappers lay waste to it. The video is dope as well. I don’t think we’ve seen them this gritty yet. A sign of things to come perhaps?

UPDATE: C.H has now provided a download link for this song.

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Crown Holders Debut New Logo
By J.Scott |

A little while ago, the Crown Holders dropped off a surprise for their fans and gave a look at their brand new logo. Looks pretty clean.

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The RapRise 2012 Rising Class Is…
By rapRISE |

Last week, we announced that we will hold an annual list called ‘The Rising Class’ that will be released one week after XXL’s ‘Freshman Class’. Submissions and votes for the list came in an extraordinary abundance. Every single vote was viewed and considered. But votes weren’t the only criteria for making the list.

What we looked for:
Artists with strong or steadily growing fan bases.
Artists that know how to market themselves and also have marketability.
Creativity and content were also accounted for.
Artists who have had a strong presence on RapRise.
And finally, star power. Those artists that we at rR believe could/should be signed to major labels.

And’s 2012 Rising Class is…

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NEW VIDEO: JDrew ‘The Making of DCPCA’
By J.Scott |

For the latest ‘Behind The EGO’ video update, JDrew takes us behind the making of his latest mixtape. You can follow him through studio sessions, performances, and more in this video that features appearances from Briana Jean, Chid Mike, Crown Holders, LyriX, and more.
If you don’t have ‘DCPCA’, get it here!

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