NEW MUSIC: Chris Miles “Zonin’ Out Remix” ft. D-Pryde
By J.Scott |

One of the most popular songs from Chris Miles‘ ‘I Am Me’ was “Zonin’ Out.” And now D-Pryde hops on the remix to take it to that next level.

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NEW VIDEO: D-Pryde “Started From The Bottom”
By J.Scott |

At this point, approaching this song with a sense of humor is the only way to stand out. D-Pryde does just that. Start it.

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NEW MUSIC: Drew Howard ft D-Pryde “In The Morn”
By LG |

I love these guys. So passionate. So real. Every time they hit the mic. This is how Hip-Hop is supposed to be ladies & gents. Drew Howard & D-Pryde are two artists that continually deliver content that is better than most things on the radio. Keep it up fellas. Ears open folks.

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NEW VIDEO: J.Reyez “Lighters (cover)” ft. D-Pryde, Ahmir & Chilla Jones
By Christopher.Bryan |

J.Reyez rallies the troops on this lighters cover. Assisted by D-Pryde, Ahmir and Chilla Jones, Reyez speaks to anyone who’s tried to keep him down and looks forward to a promising future.

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NEW VIDEO: D-Pryde “Mr. Prizzy”
By Christopher.Bryan |

Yes, yes, the kid’s Asian. But he SPITS. This is Mars Music’s barely legal, energetic Hip Hop artist, D-Pryde. And this video is the introduction, for those of you who don’t know… Late bloomers.

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NEW VIDEO: K.i.D Presents: “K.i.D Cypher (Round 12)
By Christopher.Bryan |

The guys over at King in Disguise hold cyphers with their favorite rappers. RapRise has the season finale. Lil Crazed features Prince EA, Traphik, D-Pryde, and Sahtyre (who I swear is freestyling), and boy do they go in! Enjoy, kiddos.

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