NEW MUSIC: DeLaZoo “Calm, Cool, Clean”
By J.Scott |

This boy is just raw. Hands down. No questions. And apparently he produces his own music too. The barely 18 DeLaZoo keeps it cool with his new release. And apparently there’s a new mixtape on the way.
This boy is a problem, Houston!

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NEW MIXTAPE: DeLaZoo ‘Deeper Than Reefer’
By J.Scott |

In case you didn’t know, the young rapper/producer DeLaZoo dropped his debut mixtape not too long ago. If you’re late… fix that.
What were YOU doing at 18?

Tracklist and download link after the jump.

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NEW MUSIC: DeLaZoo “Hello Good Morning (FreeVerse)”
By Christopher.Bryan |

DeLaZoo is back with another one. I contacted this kid directly and told him to hurry up and make more music. His flow is too dope to only be featured on this site twice. Listen to his insane flow on “Hello Good Morning”. And shout out to him calling it a “freeverse”, not a “freestyle”. ::Tips hat::

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NEW MUSIC: DeLaZoo “Motivated”
By Christopher.Bryan |

Don’t call him Hip Hop’s Bieber… Cause that’s what I call him. Michigan’s DeLaZoo covered T-Pain’s “Motivated” and didn’t let up on the instrumental. At all. Take a listen.

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