NEW VIDEO: DT “Raised In The Trap”
By J.Scott |

Ever wonder what it’s like to be raised in the trap? Welcome these visuals from DT.

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NEW MUSIC: New Retro Mafia “Did You Know”
By J.Scott |

The New Retro boys have a questions for you. Listen as CHRIS GR3EN, DT, Prince Golden, and Yung Yadi lace this smooth track.

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By J.Scott |

There is a New Retro Mafia mixtape coming soon. So get ready for a lot more of CHRIS GR3EN coming up. DT on the assist.

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NEW MUSIC: CHRIS GR3EN “Playin Games” ft. DT
By J.Scott |

CHRIS GR3EN is back to pairing random footage with his songs. It’s even more disheartening this time, because this song is actually one that should really be paid attention to. He and DT brought great lyrics to this.

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NEW MUSIC: CHRIS GR3EN & DT “Rain On Me (Late Night Creep pt 1)”
By J.Scott |

I much more a fan of CHRIS GR3EN when he’s on structured songs. Not shooting on his freestyle videos, but this is what people would rather hear. A smooth yet in your face track from him and DT.

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NEW MUSIC: CHRIS GR3EN x DT “Ways 2 Survive”
By Christopher.Bryan |

CHRIS GR3EN is back with another retro video. His message is pretty blatant here. Listen to him and DT on “Ways 2 Survive”.

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NEW MUSIC: J.Walk “Splash” ft. Bubb & DT
By J.Scott |

J.Walk partners up with Bubb and DT for his latest smash splash. It’s a cover of Childish Gambino’s hard-hitting “Bonfire”. I guess they chose to switch up the main element.

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