NEW VIDEO: Dubby of Team Loko “Mother Nature”
By J.Scott |

Team Loko’s Dubby lets it drop with his latest release. Mother nature is a… well, you know.

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NEW MUSIC: Dubby “Fvck Wit Me” ft. Young Liquid & FlyBoy Stackz
By J.Scott |


Who’s that trying to fvck with Dubby? He even brought his crew over this new age club single. Young Liquid and FlyBoy Stackz with the assist.

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NEW MUSIC: Lil Acc “I Don’t Like (Remix)” ft. Dubby
By J.Scott |

Sounds like ESK is in Lil Acc‘s ‘sh*t I don’t like’ column. Dubby gives it the co-sign, and the rest is… music.

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NEW VIDEO: Flyboy Stackz “Slow Flow” ft. Dubby & Young Chanceller
By J.Scott |

Doesn’t take much to keep up with this song. But that’s pretty much the point. Flyboy Stackz, Dubby, and Young Chanceller slow the flow all the way down for this one.

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NEW VIDEO: Dubby “What The Games Missing” ft. Rei & Saint Nick
By J.Scott |

Dubby, Rei, and Saint Nick are waiting for you to admit one thing… That they’re what the game’s been missing. Well… Round 1. Fight!

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NEW VIDEO: Alumni Family “No Adlibs”
By J.Scott |

Whoa whoa whoa… These guys are coming for heads. Alumni Family’s ‘Mad Men’ is coming soon. This is one of the first offerings form it. Featuring Chistopher Styles Turner, Illz4real, Dubby, Flyboy Stackz, and J-Rel. Bars all around.

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