RapRise Cypher: CAST YOUR VOTE!
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So now that you’ve seen all of the RapRise Cypher videos, and heard all of the verses, it’s time to let us know what you think. For the 2012 RapRise Awards (#RapRiseAwards) we will be adding a “Hottest RapRise Cypher” category.
All of the RapRise Awards winners will be announced at the beginning of the new year. But this is your time to let us know who YOU think deserves the “hottest cypher” title.

Leave a comment below to vote!

Here are the videos again, as a reminder:

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RapRise Cypher: Justice League
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This is definitely what a cypher looks like. A bunch of real rappers standing around spitting non-stop bars. You have to appreciate what the JL guys brought to the RapRise Cypher.
This video includes: E.Q., LyriX, Eclectic, and J-Dub.

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J-Dub Reveals Tracklist For ‘The Captain’
By LG |

Anticipation for “The Captain” has been steadily climbing, and now J-Dub has released the tracklist. From the looks of it, he’s doing a lot of songs people may know. He also has recruited fellow Risers Eclectic, E.Q., and of course LyriX for features. Looks like we’re in for a treat on the 30th.

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NEW MUSIC: E.Q. “Hard Remix” ft. Veteran Eye
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It’s never to late to get hard. …Pause? …Pause. E.Q. and Veteran Eye take Rihanna’s hit for a testosterone spin. What’s harder than this?

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NEW MUSIC: E.Q. “My Presence Is A Must”
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Joey French provides E.Q. with another nice production. Along with an American Gangster sample to start, E.Q. does his singer/rapper routine trying to prove that he presence is a must.

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NEW MUSIC: E.Q. “Alright”
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It’s almost time for the ‘Feature Presentation’. E.Q. pairs himself with a Project Pat sample in this Joey French produced single. Good sound here.

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NEW VIDEO: E.Q. “Head Go Dumb”
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Remember when this song first dropped? Yeah, we barely do too. It was that long ago. Better always better late than never. E.Q. teams back up with BLKDMNDS for the video for “Head Go Dumb”. Good thing it was worth the wait. Make your head go!

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This EP has been on a lot of peoples radars for a while. The anticipation rose higher & higher as delays plagued the release. Finally we can all breathe. E.Q.‘s EP is finally here. It delivers on fronts that you wouldn’t expect. Mostly because E.Q. isn’t your conventional artist. It’s only a few songs, but those few songs are good, and you would be hard pressed not to find something you don’t like in it’s 7 tracks.

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. E.Q. has released his highly anticipated project ‘The E.Q. EP’. Everyone’s excited for this one. Keep reading for the tracklist and download link.

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E.Q. Announces EP Release Date
By J.Scott |


The rapper/singer E.Q. has officially announced the release date for his long-awaited upcoming EP.  May 2nd is the date. Stay tuned.
‘Feature Presentation’ mixtape coming soon.

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