NEW MUSIC: Graphik & J.Walk “Hands On The Wheel”
By J.Scott |

The team of Graphik and J. Walk are back with this cover of “Hands On The Wheel”. This track has been getting a lot of love recently.

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NEW VIDEO: Graphik & JWalk “Hands On The Wheel” (Snippet)
By J.Scott |

Graphik and J.Walk, half of the CMG crew, give us a snippet of their upcoming “Hands On The Wheel” cover. Check out some of the studio footage.

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EP REVIEW: Graphik “The Graphinity EP”
By LG |

Graphik’sThe Graphinity EP” is a nice short head-nodder that arrives just in time for breezy summer nights. The driving force of this project is it’s vibe, it’s sound. So much so, that for me it took a couple listens to really pay attention the the lyrics.

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NEW EP: Graphik ‘The Graphinity EP’
By Christopher.Bryan |

After weeks of anticipation, ‘The Graphinity EP’ is finally here. Could this be Graphik at his finest? Click the download link to find out. It’s after the jump.

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NEW VIDEO: Graphik ‘The Graphinity EP’ Promo
By J.Scott |

Graphik treads through the water in this brief promo video for his upcoming EP. The video reminds me of Childish Cambino’s ‘Camp’ album. Let’s hope ‘The Graphinity EP’ is as good. Tomorrow is the day.

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NEW MUSIC: Graphik “Versace Rap”
By Christopher.Bryan |

Graphik gets laid back dope on his “Versace Rap”. And you should be pretty excited to hear that his ‘The Graphinity’ EP will be released in  days.

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NEW MUSIC: Aspen Martin “R.A.I.D. (Rebuilding An Individuals Determination) ft. Graphik & AK Chillen
By Christopher.Bryan |

Aspen Martin, Graphik and AK Chillen get ill with a Boondocks flow on “R.A.I.D.” Something smooth to rock to.

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NEW MUSIC: Graphik “Fire”
By J.Scott |

Graphik said that he had to prove to us that he was deserving of The Rising Class list. The list is not just for lyrics. But if it was, he would’ve probably just jumped up in the rankings.

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NEW MUSIC: Graphik, Certt., & Krymez “Stay Schemin’ Remix”
By J.Scott |

Better late than never. Graphik, Certt, and Krymez body the most popular beat of 2012. We’ll let those lines about bloggers slide. Ha.

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NEW MUSIC: Graphik “Glory” ft. Shizzy Sixx
By J.Scott |

Quite the pair here. Graphik and Shizzy get impressive with their display of glory. More; we want more.

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