NEW VIDEO: $hark Klan “We Get High” ft. EsGGee
By J.Scott |

The $hark Klan is back. Maybe their absence has been due to the fact that they were just too busy getting high. Whatever it was, they’re back.

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NEW MUSIC: $hark Klan “Day By Day” ft. RileyP
By J.Scott |


This is a new sound for the fellas of $hark Klan. Trading big bass for an acoustic and more melody.

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NEW MUSIC: $hark Klan “For The City”
By Christopher.Bryan |

40KillaCaam, and Five-O are back with a new-age west coast vibe on “For The City”. Listen to this joint and see what city $hark Klan does it for.

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NEW MUSIC: $hark Klan “Guaranteed”
By J.Scott |

$hark Klan’s 40, KillaCaam, and Five-O guarantee some heat for you. Does it get your stamp of approval? Active Tracks on the production.

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NEW VIDEO: $hark Klan “Cocky Flocky”
By J.Scott |

$hark Klan‘s A.Rose and 40 lead the squad as they film the visuals for the crew’s “Cocky Flocky” video. Never thought I’d say this, but… Ride with the Klan.

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NEW MUSIC: $hark Klan “Going Gorillas”
By J.Scott |

$hark Klan‘s A. Rose and 40 take a trip to Paris and steal the massive hit from The Throne. It’s provocative. Get’s the people going.

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NEW MUSIC: $hark Klan “The Motto”
By J.Scott |

$hark Klan keeps it coming with another set of their finest. This time it’s FreddyT, 40, B-Raw, and SpencerK over “The Motto.”

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NEW MUSIC: $hark Klan “Fatal”
By J.Scott |

Three of $hark Klan‘s finest team up for this cover of “Stay Schemin’.” 40, A.Rose, and Madison trade shots over the beat in between the semi-melodic hook.

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By LG |

These guys know what it takes to get their name out there. $hark Klan is more than a collective of rappers, they are trying to be a movement, and dare I say it, they’re succeeding.  It’s a wonder that we haven’t heard them on Power 106 yet. They promote and advertise extremely well, and as any successful artist will tell you, that’s half the battle.

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NEW MIXTAPE: $hark Klan ‘SHARKSHIT Mixtape’
By Christopher.Bryan |

Here it is. $hark Klan  dropped off their ‘SHARKSHIT Mixtape’ to us last night. I can guarantee you that this ‘tape is not about shark feces. But I’m willing to be that  A. Rose40B-RawSpencerK, and Arson take lyrical craps on more than a few songs on this one. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

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