MIXTAPE REVIEW: illz4real “Pay Per View 2: Stress Before Success”
By LG |

iilz4real brings us the sequel to ”Pay Per View”, and I must say, it’s a fairly solid mixtape. Off first listen, it didn’t do much for me, but if you give it a chance, the music reaches you. It’s a hood listen for sure, and it’s songs tailors to the hustlers of the world. The tone of “gotta make it” looms over most of the tracks, and illz does a great job at figuring out how to not only compliment his production, but his tone.

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NEW MIXTAPE: illz4real ‘Pay Per View 2: Stress Before Success’
By J.Scott |

It’s round two for illz4real‘s ‘Pay Per View’ mixtape series. Listen as he does his thing over a multitude of beats.
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NEW VIDEO: Illz4real ‘Pay Per View 2: Stress Before Success’ (Trailer)
By J.Scott |

I appreciate the fact that Illz4real treats this game as more than just music. He’s coming with a package for his upcoming mixtape, ‘Pay Per View 2: Stress Before Success‘. Peep the visual trailer to the mixtape.

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NEW VIDEO: Alumni Family “No Adlibs”
By J.Scott |

Whoa whoa whoa… These guys are coming for heads. Alumni Family’s ‘Mad Men’ is coming soon. This is one of the first offerings form it. Featuring Chistopher Styles Turner, Illz4real, Dubby, Flyboy Stackz, and J-Rel. Bars all around.

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