JDrew Changes His Name
By J.Scott |

JDrew has decided to change his rap alias. After a handful of successful mixtapes and concerts, the verified rapper has decided to go by his real name, Jream Andrew. (Pronounced “Dream”.) No word on what spawned this decision as of yet. New Twitter handle coming soon.

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NEW VIDEO: JDrew “For My City”
By J.Scott |

JDrew plays Good Samaritan as he strolls the town looking for his lost bag. His pairing with Diverse Films came to us in the middle of the night. For those that weren’t (and shouldn’t have been) up at that hour… here’s the video.

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NEW VIDEO: JDrew ‘It’s Been Real’ Concert Commercial
By J.Scott |

JDrew puts together this commercial for the upcoming ‘It’s Been Real’ concert. “Be there.”

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ANNOUNCEMENT: JDrew’s ‘It’s Been Real’ Concert
By J.Scott |

The details are finally in. JDrew‘s upcoming ‘It’s Been Real’ concert, named after his recent mini-mixtape, is scheduled for Thursday, June 28th. Performances include Chid Mike, Crown Holders, John Anthony, and, of course, JDrew. Are you ready?

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JDrew Announces ‘It’s Been Real’ Concert
By J.Scott |

We don’t have many details about this yet, but JDrew just took to Twitter to announce an ‘It’s Been Real’ concert at the end of this month in the Los Angeles area. This should be a good one! Keep your eyes on the Rise for more details as they’re announced.


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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Chid Mike & JDrew “It’s Been Real”
By LG |

It’s no secret that anything JDrew drops is big. This time however, he takes a sidestep of sorts to pursue a duo-mixtape with longtime partner, Chid Mike. Chid has a very distinct sound that definitely made an impact on JDrew’s. It’s a good pairing, and very often it seems natural. The mixtape is short & sweet, but gives you a taste of what a full-length effort from them could be.

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NEW MIXTAPE: JDrew & Chid Mike ‘It’s Been Real’
By J.Scott |

There hasn’t been much time to really anticipate this project, as it came almost out of nowhere. But that doesn’t matter. JDrew and Chid Mike are here with their collaborative project ‘It’s Been Real’. They’ve got some real heat here too. Let’s see if it’s another class act for the books.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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JDrew Releases Cover/Tracklist for New Mixtape
By J.Scott |

Not much time has gone by since JDrew announced his upcoming collaborative mixtape with his singing partner Chid Mike. Well, the mixtape will be available this Friday, 5/25. This will be a short project; but hopefully still packs a punch.
Keep reading for the tracklist.

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NEW VIDEO: JDrew “Up & Gone” ft. Chid Mike
By Christopher.Bryan |

JDrew and Chid Mike are back on the rise. This time, we have the long awaited JDrew “Up & Gone” music video, directed by Nayip Ramos and Jasmine V. Press play to catch the video’s deep message.

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NEW MUSIC: JDrew & Chid Mike “What It Feels Like”
By J.Scott |

It feels like JDrew and Chid Mike are at it again. And apparently this is just the beginning. JDrew announced that this is the first single from an upcoming collaborative project from this pair, titled ‘It’s Been Real’. Hopefully we get a broad spectrum of sounds and concepts from this project, because this also feels like a lot of the music we’ve heard from these two together.


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