NEW VIDEO: JDrew “Up & Gone” (Teaser)
By J.Scott |

It’s not quite time for the release of JDrew and Chid Mike‘s “Up & Gone” music video. But for now we get a teaser of the Nayip Ramos and Jasmine V. directed piece.
Watch behind the scenes footage here.

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NEW VIDEO: JDrew “Boyfriend (Remix)” ft AJ Rafael
By rapRISE |

JDrew teams up with AJ Rafael for an acoustic cover of the Bieb’s current single. This is JDrew’s lane and he knows it.

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BEHIND THE SCENES: JDrew & Chid Mike’s “Up & Gone” Video Shoot
By J.Scott |

Last month, RapRise was on set for JDrew and Chid Mike‘s video shoot for “Up & Gone”, which finds it way on both JDrew’s ‘Class Act’ and ‘In My Headphones’ mixtapes. The video was directed by Nayip Ramos and Jasmine Villegas. It got pretty intense on set with the domestic violence treatment. Check out some of our exclusive footage.

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MIXTAPE REVIEW: JDrew “In My Headphones”
By LG |

JDrew is no slouch when it comes to releasing music. He has three mixtapes under his belt, and a slew of covers. His fan base continues to grow, and so does his skill on the mic. This mixtape, In My Headphones, came almost out of nowhere, as we were all still reeling off of the sounds and success of his previous project – “Directors Call Presents: Class Act”. But I guess it’s better to have a lot of JDrew than a little.

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NEW VIDEO: Jasmine V & JDrew “Crew Love”
By J.Scott |

Looks like it’s JDrew day. Jasmine V. and Drizzle show off their paring for their cover of Drake’s “Crew Love”. Download your copy of ‘In My Headphones‘ now.

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NEW MIXTAPE: JDrew ‘In My Headphones’
By J.Scott |

The Power Player/Rising Class member, JDrew,  is back with a new kind of sound for him. He has 3 mixtapes under his belt, but this is the first to feature him spitting over non-original tracks. Gives him the opportunity to just go in. And that he does.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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NEW VIDEO: JDrew “Dum Dum (Cover)”
By J.Scott |

While on set, JDrew found some time to record a quick acapella. ‘In My Headphones’ mixtape coming this Saturday.

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JDrew Reveals Mixtape Cover & Tracklist
By J.Scott |

As you may know, JDrew is set to release his first mixtape that doesn’t feature original music. It’s called ‘In My Headphones’, and it will be available April 14th.

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JDrew Interviews with ClevverTV
By J.Scott |

JDrew and sister Jasmine V. interviewed with ClevverTV to discuss his upcoming video for “Up And Gone” from his ‘Class Act’ mixtape. RapRise was behind the scenes for that video shoot. Stay tuned for more from that.

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NEW VIDEO: JDrew “Party On Fifth Ave.”
By Christopher.Bryan |

JDrew surprised his fans with the video for his cover of “Party On Fifth Ave.” The kid doesn’t let up on this track with his smooth flow. Check it. ‘In My Headphones’ mixtape coming April 14th.

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