NEW MUSIC: Jasmine V. & JDrew “Crew Love”
By J.Scott |

JDrew teamed up with his sister Jasmine V. once again. Proving why they are a musical powerhouse to be reckoned with. They released a surprise cover of Drake and The Weeknd’s “Crew Love”.

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The RapRise 2012 Rising Class Is…
By rapRISE |

Last week, we announced that we will hold an annual list called ‘The Rising Class’ that will be released one week after XXL’s ‘Freshman Class’. Submissions and votes for the list came in an extraordinary abundance. Every single vote was viewed and considered. But votes weren’t the only criteria for making the list.

What we looked for:
Artists with strong or steadily growing fan bases.
Artists that know how to market themselves and also have marketability.
Creativity and content were also accounted for.
Artists who have had a strong presence on RapRise.
And finally, star power. Those artists that we at rR believe could/should be signed to major labels.

And’s 2012 Rising Class is…

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JDrew Performs At Urban Street Jam
By J.Scott |

This past weekend JDrew took the stage at the Urban Street Jam and delivered some new tailored verses. His stage presence continues to get better.
He also took the stage with his sister Jasmine V. to perform their remix of her single “Just A Friend”. Video for that after the jump.

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NEW MUSIC: Briana Jean “Thinking About You” ft. JDrew
By J.Scott |

Songstress, Briana Jean, lays a smooth cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You”. JDrew makes a guest appearance to round out the track. Quite the little power couple here.

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NEW MUSIC: JDrew “Nowhere” ft. Chid Mike
By J.Scott |

It’s Valentine’s Day. Who better to lead the day off than the emerging ladies man of hip hop? JDrew literally starts off the day with this one. Chid Mike on the chorus.

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NEW VIDEO: JDrew ‘The Making of DCPCA’
By J.Scott |

For the latest ‘Behind The EGO’ video update, JDrew takes us behind the making of his latest mixtape. You can follow him through studio sessions, performances, and more in this video that features appearances from Briana Jean, Chid Mike, Crown Holders, LyriX, and more.
If you don’t have ‘DCPCA’, get it here!

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NEW MUSIC: Razi “Otis” ft. JDrew
By Christopher.Bryan |

Razi told us that he and JDrew recorded this a while back, but it’s as sick as if they had recorded it yesterday. Listen to these cats get ill on everyone’s favorite track from The Throne.

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NEW MUSIC: JDrew “What Would You Do”
By J.Scott |

Whether you know about the insane drama that has been surrounding JDrew and his people on Twitter or not, you’re about to get a slap in the ears explaining it all. This one… this one is deep.

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NEW MUSIC: Prince Rose “Who Woulda Thought” ft. JDrew
By J.Scott |

I was first introduced to Prince Rose on JDrew‘s most recent mixtape. And now it’s like the flipside, getting the first track from Rose’s upcoming mixtape ‘P.R.I.D.E.’, featuring JDrew. I hope to hear more from this guy. His flow is correct, and his topics are straight.
And shout out to the ill feature from JDrew.

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EVENT COVERAGE: JDrew’s ‘Class Act’ Concert
By rapRISE |

As you should know by now, last Thursday hosted it’s first ever concert. And that concert was the mixtape release event for JDrew‘s ‘Class Act’ mixtape. We have been teasing you with red carpet pictures and random clips. But now here is your first real look into the unforgettable night that featured performances from G-3, Crown Holders, Jasmine V., and JDrew himself. If you weren’t there: shame on you. But here’s your chance to see what you missed.

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