NEW EP: Jelani Carter ‘The Saiyan Life EP’ (Scrapped Edition)
By J.Scott |


The is possibly the best Jelani Carter has ever sounded. This is a very short (3 song) EP, but if he stays on this route, Jelani can easily go from Saiyan to super Saiyan.
Keep reading for tracklist and link.

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NEW MUSIC: Jelani Carter “Tina Fey Is My Valentine”
By J.Scott |

You read that title right. Jelani Carter sends his V-Day love out to 30 Rock’s own Tina Fey. Get her, JC.

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2012 RapRise Awards: Power Crew
By rapRISE |


The first of our awards today is for ‘Power Crew’. This is a new award that we felt was only right to include after seeing such a presence from the resurgence of hip hop crews this year.

Many ‘crews’ have released their share of music this year, but not many of them have delivered as a unit just as strongly as they do individually. The one set of artists that has been the most statistically consistent on our site has definitely been December Gang. Led by their most vocal member, Jelani Carter, the December City Music Group has made several waves on rR throughout the year. Not to mention their noticeable entry to the RapRise Cypher, which was owned by Rsonic and Lex Leosis. And Slick-T has always been a man making waves on our site. This crew has more artists than we care to count, and each have something to offer. Let’s see if they can keep this up in 2013.

Congratulations to December Gang!

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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Jelani Carter “Day Dreamerz Radio”
By LG |



Jelani Carter is no stranger to our site. Matter of fact, he’s a huge supporter. So it comes as no surprise that he reached out to us to present his mixtape exclusively. The project features a couple of ambitious beats, and stretches Jelani’s abilities. The title implies a pretty cool theme. Here’s to hoping the body of work backs that up.

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NEW VIDEO: Jelani Carter “Proud Of That Freeverse”
By J.Scott |

December Gang’s front man is still making his 2013 Rising Class pleas. Ha. Keep them coming, Jelani! I’m proud of that.

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RapRise Cypher: CAST YOUR VOTE!
By rapRISE |


So now that you’ve seen all of the RapRise Cypher videos, and heard all of the verses, it’s time to let us know what you think. For the 2012 RapRise Awards (#RapRiseAwards) we will be adding a “Hottest RapRise Cypher” category.
All of the RapRise Awards winners will be announced at the beginning of the new year. But this is your time to let us know who YOU think deserves the “hottest cypher” title.

Leave a comment below to vote!

Here are the videos again, as a reminder:

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RapRise Cypher: December Gang
By rapRISE |


The wait is finally over! The Cypher is back for another go ’round. First up: December Gang. They brought out the big guns here and attacked the cypher pretty hard.
The video features, in order, Rsonic, Lex Leosis, Pure Knowledge, Jelani Carter, Tony Chaos, and Kope.

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NEW MIXTAPE: Jelani Carter ‘Day Dreamerz Radio’
By J.Scott |

December City Music Group and RapRise presents… Jelani Carter. This day dreamer’s new mixtape has been a long time coming. Listen as Jelani lends his lyrics to some tracks that you may know and love.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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Jelani Carter Reveals ‘Day Dreamerz Radio’ Cover
By J.Scott |

Oh it’s official. Jelani Carter has revealed the album art for ‘Day Dreamerz Radio‘. The upcoming project is slated for release 11.24.12. And yes, you are reading that right… it is presented in part by RapRise. First video coming soon.

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NEW MUSIC: Sir Darkseid “Attacking The Clones II” ft. Jelani Carter
By J.Scott |

Welcome to the dark side Darkseid. Sir Darkseid and Jelani pair up to launch the attack. Choose your side.

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