NEW MUSIC: Leon Marin “They Ain’t Ready”
By LG |

I actually yelled out loud several times while listening to this. Damn. Leon Marin has always been one to watch, but now he’s beating down our senses and getting everyone to take notice. Amazing job. Run this one back.

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NEW MUSIC: Leon Marin “Like Whoa (Freeverse)”
By J.Scott |

Whoa. This beat hasn’t been utilized in quite some time. And whoa, Leon Marin did the classic track some justice too.

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NEW MUSIC: Willie “NYC Come Up” ft. Leon Marin, Elus, & Blatant
By J.Scott |


Willie rallies the troops over this Method Man & Busta Rhymes track to show us what’s happenin’. Leon Marin, Elus, and Blatant round out the assists here. Worth the listen all the way through.

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NEW MUSIC: K. Stackz “This Money” ft. Gab Riel, Tyler Casanova, & Leon Marin
By J.Scott |


Don’t become a slave to this money. K. Stackz and the crew don’t plan to. Gab Riel, Tyler Casanova, and Leon Marin round out the assists here.

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NEW ALBUM: Angel M. & Leon Marin ‘Gray Matter’
By J.Scott |

It’s always nice when two separate hip hop personalities can come together for a collaborative project. Angel M. and Leon Marin do just that with ‘Gray Matter. It’s short, like an EP. But a good listen.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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The City Dont Sleep Interviews Leon Marin
By Christopher.Bryan |

This guy’s been making his rounds. The City Dont Sleep got an interview with Leon Marin. Fans of Mr. Beyond Limitations are going to enjoy hearing where his head is at on different levels. ‘Gray Matter’ coming Sept. 30th? Nice.

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Leon Marin Interviews With The Rat Magazine
By Christopher.Bryan |

Are you a fan of Leon Marin? The guy’s been making some serious waves lately. He just landed an interview with The Rat Magazine. Watch this clip to learn more about the man.

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NEW MUSIC: Leon Marin “Rise To The Top (Remix)” ft. Kenen Phenex & WordSpit The Illest
By Christopher.Bryan |

Leon Marin is back with “Rise To The Top”. The introspective vibe on this joint is dope. You hear it in the verses of every rapper featured. Nice.

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NEW VIDEO: Leon Marin Rhymes at the Flight Night Showcase
By J.Scott |

Leon Marin did his thing on the mic during the recent Flight Night unsigned hip hop showcase. There’s definitely some bias in the crowd, but it’s all good nonetheless.

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NEW MUSIC: Ty Hickson “Mission” ft. Leon Marin
By Christopher.Bryan |

If Ty Hickson‘s mission was to impress me with this song, mission accomplished. Leon Marin‘s on the assist. Press play to hear “Mission”.

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