NEW VIDEO: J-Dub “Green Screen” ft. LyriX
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For the fourth single from his recent album ‘Insomnia,’ J-Dub teams up with long time collaborator LyriX for one of the album’s standouts: “Green Screen”. The video almost feels like a behind the scenes look at the video everyone else would shoot for this song.
Download ‘Insomnia’ here.

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NEW MUSIC: LyriX “5AM In The Chi”
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Another 1-2 punch from the JL boys. LyriX moves from “Power Trip” to “5AM In The Chi.” A showcase of his lyrics this time. Wake up, east coast.

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NEW MUSIC: LyriX “Power Trip”
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Iron Man is back. This time LyriX tells a tale of a complicated love-quad. Ever been with someone and wished you were with someone else? Yeah, us too.

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NEW MUSIC: LyriX “Issues”
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LyriX seems to have a lot to say. We all have issues that plague our minds. He’s laying his out there for all. Step your political game up to keep up with that second verse.

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RapRise Cypher: CAST YOUR VOTE!
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So now that you’ve seen all of the RapRise Cypher videos, and heard all of the verses, it’s time to let us know what you think. For the 2012 RapRise Awards (#RapRiseAwards) we will be adding a “Hottest RapRise Cypher” category.
All of the RapRise Awards winners will be announced at the beginning of the new year. But this is your time to let us know who YOU think deserves the “hottest cypher” title.

Leave a comment below to vote!

Here are the videos again, as a reminder:

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RapRise Cypher: Justice League
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This is definitely what a cypher looks like. A bunch of real rappers standing around spitting non-stop bars. You have to appreciate what the JL guys brought to the RapRise Cypher.
This video includes: E.Q., LyriX, Eclectic, and J-Dub.

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MIXTAPE REVIEW: LyriX ‘The Formula’
By J.Scott |


With a name like LyriX, and a mixtape titled ‘The Formula’, one can only expect that this project will be a shining lyrical display with a solid structure. But is that what we’re going to get from the first full-length project from the self-proclaimed Tony Stark of hip hop? It’s time to put our pens to the paper and find out.

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NEW MIXTAPE: LyriX ‘The Formula’
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The day is here. It’s taken some time for LyriX to complete his equations, but now his formula is ready for the masses. The first full-length project from LyriX serves as an introduction not only into who he is, but also how he works. Got a problem that needs solving? Pay attention.
Keep reading for tracklist and download link.

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NEW VIDEO: LyriX “Knock It Off”
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His first single was for the ladies. But this time, LyriX is coming for heads. With his straight-through lyrical display, he’s making sure that hip hop heads are ready for tomorrow’s release of ‘The Formula’.

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LyriX Releases Tracklist For ‘The Formula’
By J.Scott |

With the release of ‘The Formula’ only a few days away, LyriX took to Instagram to give us the first look into the tracklist for his mixtape. A few names we recognize, and some we don’t. We’re sure this will be a solid project from rap’s Tony Stark though.

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